my hidden desire

today was a pretty fun day. i'm loving this not having anything to do at work! everyone should request it!

it gave me time to wander all over the place through the museum. including a chance to hang with my mom... she didn't have much to say today, but then she usually doesn't. she's a great listener though! i talked to her for a good three hours.

the whole time though i couldn't help but notice the apple in my eye... lillian the albertosaur. standing so perfect and beautiful in her jungle corner.

if only i had the guts to ask her out. i've had a big crush on her for a long long time. lillian's a big star, a real celebrity at the museum in fact... she's probably more into big articulate specimens not
a little carnivore like me though...

oh well blog people (who i still can't see) their closing the museum's library so i'll have to leave the magic box till later...


Kirstin said...

Hey Traumador,

Come visit me in the lab when the galleries get too boring!

Traumador said...

oh hey it's my good friend kirstin from the museum's lab! hi kirstin!

wait you aren't trapped in the innerweb are you?!?

Peter Bond said...

I like your blog Traumador! You seem to be getting used to it quickly! Good for you.
Have you asked Lilian out yet? Or are you too shy?
Either way good luck!

info said...

Brilliant piece of work. Keep it up!