phoning it in

okay i can take a lot, but gump from my own species is the limit!

i was so mad at the shabby welcome i recieved here at the milk river visitor's center (well okay the center itself is very nice... just not their tyrannosaur) i phone milk river city hall...

they seemed very concerned by what i had to tell them... they were speechless! though they didn't say it, in fact they didn't say anything... it was so shocking... action is going to be taken against their big bullysaurus rex soon!
so i can leave milk river feeling that i've achieved some dinosaurian justice!


Peter Bond said...

You go get them, Traum!

I'm sure you will find a job as "dinosaur-of-a-small-town" soon enough.
Keep the hope alive!

Kirstin said...

hahahahahaa...the phone is out of order......hahahahahaahhaah