end of an era

hello there people of the web wide world,

well to make a long story short there are no more jobs in drumheller for dinosaurs...

i guess there really are too many of us here. so many that there are dinos lined up on the street all over town looking for work, and pestering tourists for money! i don't want to wide up like them.

having slept in my car last night i figure there's no reason to unbuild the nest i made in the back seat. i'm going to live in here a while. i'm not staying in drum though. i've decided i must try my luck somewhere else out there... i'm going on a road trip!

i'm a little scared though. it's a big world out there, and i'm just a small dinosaur. i've never been really away from the museum, and i'm not coming back to it either. this could be the beginning of a whole new life for me...

but betters can't be choosers... or was that beggers get to be choosers... or were choosers beggers?

oh hey! there is one bit of good news. all my friends at the musuem kirsten, christa, cam, and tyler they all pitched in and bought me this shiny (well it's not really shiny) new portable magic box. yeah with this toplab i'll be able to keep you on the innerweb up to date.

where i'm off to i'm not entirely sure... but i leave for it today

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