totally cool opportunity! (DPP part 1)

hello people of the web wide world

me once again... today was the most amazing day ever...

so there i was just sitting in the garden when suddenly my buddy tony came up and was like "hey traum what are you doing today?" and i was like "nothing"... cause remember since the end of summer my job doesn't exist anymore...

tony then asked me to come with him... turns out that he and THE dr. donald brinkman (curator of vertabrate palaeontology at the royal tyrrell museum!!!) were going to dinosaur provincal park (in my hubble little dinosaur opinion the best place in the world!) to dig for micro fossils.

micro fossils are just like normal fossils, the trace remains of ancient living dead things, just a tiny bit smaller...

anyways they needed more ppl to come on their dig, and since everyone else said no they came to me... isn't that really nice!!!

so here i am at dpp (that's the fancy short way to say dinosaur provincial park.... hehehehe look at me talking all like a sciency guy) ready to set off on a palaeontologic adenventure with tony

and dr. brinkman!!!

let you know how the dig goes first we have to check into the field station... keep you posted

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