getting back to my roots (devil's coulee part 1)

okay people of the innerweb i need to do some serious soul searching... though why one would look at the bottom of their shoes in a time of crisis is beyond me.

so i figured why not go back to my formative years, and try to figure out if my childhood somehow played a part in my recent downfall with dinosaur kind. now i didn't growup quite like other dinosaurs... i was raised by humans. maybe this has somehow thrown off my dinosauriness.

so to get to the bottom of this i've decided the next stop on my road trip should be a good old fashion dinosaur family community, and check out how they bring up normal babyosaurus. the best of the best of these in alberta is in warner... which is just a little ways away from milky river!

i'm seeing a good sign... hahahahahaha get it cause it's a sign, and it has a picture of a burger on it!

anyways i came across a museum in town that looks perfect for my exploration of natural dinosaur upbringings. the devil's coulee dinosaur heritage museum. how perfect right after i decide to look into the topic i find a museum on the heritage of dinosaurs!

even better just as i walked in the nice lady at the till was like "we're about to do our last tour of the dinosaur nest site of the year. would you like to sign up?"... and i'm like of course!!!

keep you posted ppl of the innerweb

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