going down memory lane (laid off part 2)

for a minute i thought that today was all a horrible horrible dream... so like in the movies when their stuck in a nightmare i went to sleep. that way i'd wake up and everything would be back to normal...

instead i woke up to find that in addition to being laid off, one of the salamanders in the garden had pooped on me. that and i'd wasted my last day as an employee! man why do movies lie to me all the time?

hearing the annoucement over the PA that the museum was closing in 5 min i figured i should do the right thing, and as a new member of the public i'd have to leave the building. man what a march of pain that was... and i know all about marches of pain! i've worked at badlands sciency camp!

there was all the gang in the dino hall doing their thing. the thing that they were here to do. i'd always thought someday i'd get to do it with them. i mean hey i'm a dinosaur just like them why shouldn't i have been in the dino hall too? but i was too small, too dumb, and got there after all the other dinos had.

if only i'd hit my growth spurt, or had a bigger brain, or been born before the museum originally opened...

even my mom had nothing to say to comfort me... i know she only speaks when she has something important to say, but i think this would have been the time!

walking toward the exit i couldn't help but wonder what was going to become of me. i didn't just loss my job, but i also lost my home, and even more i'd lost my place in dinosaur utopia. this is where we still rule the earth. people come from all over to see us. i'd always thought someday it would be me that the little kiddies would walk up to, and have their eyes light up and scream "it's a dinosaur! the best i've ever seen!".

drumheller may be the dinosaur captial of canada, but even us dinos have to pay rent... and this valley's stuffed to the brim with us... i am going to have to see if i can get a job somewhere else... there must be a way!

keep your fingers crossed for me people of the innerweb... i'm going to need all the help i can get!

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