i love the museum!

okay people of the web wide world,

today is a important day. i have make sure i'm very professional, and show the bosses what i can do. tomorrow they are going to figure out my future position at the museum.

i figured at get things off to a good start so i consulted joe as to what he thought i should do. (joe tyrrell is who the museum was named after). well he didn't have a whole lot to say on the matter. so i figured that meant carry on as i have been.

which meant another day cruising the museum. man i love this job.

i get to catch up with all the dinos of the museum... can you believe the joke they were pulling. all of them were like "who are you?" and "when did you start here at the museum?"... such kidders

i also get to eat whenever, and whoever i wanted!

while wandering i also couldn't help but notice lillian......... drool

my friend kirsten in the lab has informed me of a very startling rumour that lillian might be leaving!!! i'm going to have to make my move soon then. while i still have the chance


christa said...

Goodluck tomorrow Traum. Hopefully it will go the way you want. We are all rooting for ya'

Peter Bond said...

Traumador!! What are you going to do!?????
Make your move dude!!!! Do it!!
Don't let her say No dude, you are a nice and kind and dumb ...er....kind creature, and she'd be a fool to say no.
Good Luck tomorrow!

Kirstin said...

Traum! Lillian told me secretly that her favorite food is horned dinosaurs. Maybe ask if she wants a bite next time you are feasting? Then ASK HER OUT!