buried treasure!!! (DPP part 3)

who knew that being a palaeontologist was so much work?!?

i mean we all hear about the fame, fortune, and or course girls... can you believe the ladies actually give palaeontologists full access to their, ummm, anatomy... lucky smucks is all i have to say!

at least they have to work for it, i discovered today. arriving at the micro fossil site dr. brinkman got right to work with the excavating (that's a pro term for digging f.y.i.)

it was worth it though. we knocked loose tons of solid chunks of matrix (no not keanu! that's what sciency people call the rock around fossils of both the micro and uh non-mirco kind) within were the little prehistoric treasures we were looking for!

but it's such hardwork that after only two minutes dr. brinkman got so tired that he let me do the digging! he said that there was no way he could continue so while i dug him and tony sat by supervising me... though i didn't know that sitting under an umberlla and drinking iced tea was supervising, but that's what dr. b said, and he's the expert!

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David said...

Great blog Traumador! Looks like you had fun at DPP!