babysitting (devil's coulee part 3)

man i forgot how much i love kids!

so i started my new job today... inside the museum is pretty sweet. they've got a lot of Dino stuff, and no adult Dinos working here...

alot of baby dinosaurs though. it is definately different then the tyrrell that way... there it's almost all grown up, career minded dinos, and if they have kids the kids are there to work too!

here their all babies, and are just kinding doing their own thing... cute, cuddely baby type things.

it's good that their getting exposed to the harsh world of public entertaining/educating early though... i never learned this sorta stuff till it was too late!

their pretty good kids too. much to young to leave the nest. so my job is pretty easy

the best part about this job though is that if i forget my lunch it's not a problem... mmmmm veal...

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