THE call (world tour part 0)

the fairy tale is over people of the innerweb...

true love didn't prevail... why do movies and TV always lie to me?!? with a brain the size of mine, and my lack of instincts for this modern human world the only place i have to take my cue from is the media, and they always get it wrong!

at the same time its not all bad.

in the immediate aftermath of professor paradigm ending lillian's current job (which he did 5 minutes before my second date with the tyrannosaurid of my dreams! jerk!!!) she has no one for support other than me...

the problem being i wasn't prepared for this at all... i did as i'd planned and took her to the zoo this afternoon which took her mind off things for a little while, but of course reality crept back in right after.

i have this really far fetched (and no doubt stupid, but with only a peanut glop of grey matter what am i too do) plan that could help her. it bums me out though. it'll mean that i probably won't see her for a long time...

granted i'm not sure why i have myself so worked up about this. we were both going to be leaving australia anyways (in my case soon!). its not like lillian would have left the show to come with me (though i guess i could have left new zealand to be with her... hmmm why didn't i think of that sooner!!!)...

oh well i guess with that in mind i got to be the knight in shiny armour (or is that hunter in thick scales?).

my plan went down something like this (it wasn't really a complicated plan):

i got out my "cell"phone and made a call.

who did i call?

can you guess?

none other than my special talent agent peter bond!

he was as usual very pleased to hear from. "traumador, my main saurian how have you been doing?" he asked.

"funny you should ask!" i forewarned him. i quickly relayed the whole tale of lillian's current woes.

"that is quite the problem isn't it..." peter said as he was clearly digesting what i'd told him. though for what purpose i'm not sure. i hadn't got to the plan. simply the back story.

"this professor guy actually told annex corp. to back off, and he's still in one piece?" peter asked in an unbelieving voice. "i really need to get him in my talent pool!"

"i guess so, but who cares!" i answered a little annoyed. the professor's well being was the least of my concern. especially after what he did to lillian! "look peter there is something i need you to do for me."

"of course, traum, that's what i'm here for as your agent," he assured me. funny him saying that though. he keeps saying nice things, but peter hasn't always been there for me sadly.

i was possibly taking a big gamble i felt, with what i was about to say. "i need you to take lillian on as your client, and i want you to find her a place worthy of her talents."

"you what?" i could hear peter sit up with notice.

beside me lillian (in tyrannosaurese) "you what?"

right i hadn't told her the plan either... i'd been spending all day trying to have a real date. "this is the only way," i tried to reassure lillian.

lillian's self importance kicked back in. "you have some nerve! a tiny thing like you telling me what do!!!" she bellowed.

two years ago i'd never have stood up to this saurian babe. today i managed to. just in a really nice way... "lillian do you seriously have anywhere else to go?" i reminded her. "you've tried doing it on your own. this last show, you said it yourself, was the last hope you had. it didn't work out. now its time to let someone else try for you."

she eyed me with suspicion. "why would you want to help me this much?"

oh man she had me in a corner. i thought she knew, but clearly she hadn't caught the clues. i was going to have to make the biggest admission of my life. "because i love you," i said it out loud. i couldn't take it back... lillian simply blinked her eyes in astonishment.

interrupting my concentration on this slightly awkward moment was peter's repeated screaming from the phone still in my hand. "traumador?!? are you okay??? TRAUMADOR?!?"

"what? i'm right here and fine," i asked him like he was dumb.

"oh thank the budget!" peter sighed in relief. "i was thinking the worst, what with that growling and snarling... where in the blazes are you, and more to the point what beast is after you?!?"

"what?" i complained not understanding what he was on about... that was till it hit me. "oh sorry peter. that was me talking to lillian. she doesn't speak english like me."

"oh well, that is a relief," peter sighed. "so based on the sound she's producing this lillian is a fully grown tyrannosaurus than?"

"albertosaur," i corrected (to see the difference between an albertosaur and t-rex click here). "yeah she's fully grown. you only really have to worry about me and my lack of height. i'm the only midget tyrannosaurid alive today."

"so let me get this straight. you want me to market a fully grown tyrannosaur," peter started.

though he quickly self corrected himself when he detected my nearly correcting him. "sorry albertosaur. market a full grown albertosaur, which if is basically just a slightly smaller t-rex?" i could almost hear the gears in peter's agenty brain. "i think could swing something."

"do you think you can pull it off," i demanded.

"traumador, as we speak i'm at a way over crowded beach party where anyone who is anyone is at," peter boasted, but coughed for some reason... "the world knows no limit to my connections."

whatever, i was impressed. i could just picture him rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, and putting the idea in their head that they could hire the most spectacular theropod in the world. just think what one of them could do for lillian?!?

"there's only one thing," peter warned me. "i'm going to need to be able to 'handle' lillian's affairs for the first while," he quickly added. "if what you tell me about the pack harassing her is true. we can't be too careful."

i took a deep breath. i saw this coming. peter was right. the pack of the pack of the primordial feather had been trying at nothing else to ruin lillian's life. what was going to stop them from trying again. at least with peter using his connections and influence someone would be watching her back.

"i had the same thought too," i agreed. "i'm totally prepared to pay for both of your expenses with my own money. so long as you promise me peter, that she'll be your top priority. i want nothing more than for her to be happy."

there i'd done it. it had taken me over 2 years to get some money. the one thing that can give a dinosaur power and freedom in the human world, and i was just handing it away. it was going to be worth it i told myself. it's not like i was really going to be happy anyway with lillian miserable.

"both of us you say," peter repeated enthusiastically. i'm not sure why. "it's a deal traum!"

we quickly discussed the terms of the payment, which was easy as peter has some control over my bank account anyway.

"alright traumador you tell this lillian lady of yours we're taking her back to the top!" peter declared. "i have just the gig in mind to get things rolling. you need to book her a flight to new york as soon as possible!"

with that we concluded our phone call. there i'd done it.

not that lillian was happy yet. if anything she just starred at me coldly, clearly angry at me... i don't get it? shouldn't she be really happy with me for what i was about to give up for her...

i had until the airport to change things around. otherwise i was going to be the one forever miserable. why was it the girl of my dreams was furious with me?

what's that saying my legal guardian used to say? "no good deed goes unpunished."

to be concluded...


Raptor Lewis said...

I told you to keep an eye out for Peter, Traum. I think he's only in it for the money. He probably doesn't care about you and Lillian. He's gonna give her the best because of your stupid idea to pay both of them. And why did you tell her that you loved her? Not the smartest idea, traum. I hope everything goes well for Lillian and you. One more thing....comment on my blog!!!!!!!! I wish you'd take some more time to read it, Traum. Anyway, just watch out for Peter and the Pack. And, if you want some advice in the human world, just ask me. I will NEVER let you down. (You're blog is even more interesting. I'm on the sdge of my seat with anticipation of what's next.)

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

be careful dinodude!!

Raptor Lewis said...

I know I've already commented and thanks for commenting on my blog...I know this unrelated.....don't tell Naveed this, Traum, but, he's crazy!! He's crazy, cookoo, nutso, psychotic!!! There I've said it....happy?!!