a really long flight! (homecoming part 1)

man oh man things are going fast!

i was in australia only a week ago, than dunedin for the last few days, now i'm on my way to canada! not that i'm complaining.

hopefully the mystery of who bought me this plane ticket for my 5th hatching day present will be solved soon.

my only problem with my first visit back home in 2 years... the flight.

considering just how unusual and uncomfortable my flight INTO new zealand was (not that i had any part in my getting there!) you'd think this one would be a breeze... no way.

grant my last flight was worse. being that i was packed tightly in a suit case. which was than packed tightly in with other tightly packed suit cases. so in addition to be squished being the the cargo hold it got rather cold (good thing i was wrapped up in a bunch of clothes!) and it was hard to breath at times.

now that i was in the plane you'd think i'd have nothing to complain about. which i guess shouldn't be... yet

my only problem is it takes FOREVER to fly between new zealand and canada! and it is sooooooo boring!!!

at least on the last flight i had a lot to take my mind off the long time... "oh man my tail is going numb" "either i'm not getting enough oxygen or mr. t just gave me a high five in this suitcase" "i sure hope craig didn't need his hiking boot cause i just ate part of it!" etc.

i know this is a cliche, but when do we get there?


Peter Bond said...

Enjoying the flight, Traum-baby? Any good movies on it? I'll call ya soon, Big Guy!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

how many hours does the flight take???
Canada and NZ are sooooooo close to each other! LOL

Raptor Lewis said...

Enjoying the flight? lol. Don't worry, it's not THAT bad. Shoulda brought somethin' to do, huh?