fossil of the weekend! #1 tyrannosaurus rex!

thought i'd try out something i've seen some of my favourite bloggers do (so yes i'm copy catting... without the cat anyway). that is pictures on certain days of the week. now i've got some ideas to make your cyber mid-week look a little less week like (and mine too actually), but this being a weekend i thought i'd have coolest type of photo now. as the weekend is my favourite part of the week!

so welcome to the first fossil of the weekend!

today's exhibit is just that, an exhibit. a picture of my aunt black beauty on display at the royal tyrrell museum. though its not the best pic i admit, it is arty.

i chose it because i wanted to kick off this new blog segment with a t-rex. what with my blog being the tyrannosaur chronicles and all it seemed appropriate. hopefully from here on in it'll be pics of fossils you can see. at least the way you can't see this one makes it pretty...



Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hehe! I also have my "weekends with dinosaurs"! lol

The Tyrrell T-Rex!!! impressive beast!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...


that is the cretaceous fight club t-rex!

Raptor Lewis said...

Nice Lighting for the photo. Where'd you get the idea Traum?