fossil of the weekend! #3

a cast of a kansas mosasaur skeleton at the auckland war memorial museum.


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

it is a pretty large one, isn't it?

Traumador said...

well for an animal it is pretty large. for a mosasaur i'd say average.

now to be honest this is about the same size of mosasaur skeleton i've ever seen (neither bigger nor smaller). it was about 6m (20ish feet long). the head would have been just under a metre. i've seen and held a cast skull of tylosaur that was nearly 2 metres long. meaning that animal would have been at LEAST 1/3rd bigger than this one.

i'd love to make it down to kansas or one of the dakotas where they get them in the 10-12 metre range!