a new look...

it was a fun outing while it lasted, after the rather long museum quest and my work trip to australia, but finally i've made it home to dunedin...
not that i'll be staying long. i have a flight in a couple days to catch... back home. back to canada.

though i have to say people of the innerweb i'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. my emotions are all over the map. on the one hand i'm very excited. it'll be awesome to see everyone and the tyrrell museum again. on the other hand it might not be all fun and games.

the last time i went back home after being fired from the museum was not such a fun experience. not that this time will be the same. i've made a new life for myself down here in new zealand. i'll be going back to drum as my own dinosaur. i won't need anything from there anymore.

what has me the most uneasy about the trip is the fact that the purchaser of this hatching day present is still a mystery. i have no clue who thought flying me home would be a good present. it sounds great at first, but i have made a few enemies in recent time (in particular the pack of the primordial feather) so getting brought back into the middle of dinosaur packed alberta might be some sort of trap.

i'm trying to keep optimistic though. it would seem to me that the pack could plan something a whole lot simpler than flying me halfway around the world. larry came to me afterall. i'm pretty sure if the pack wanted to do something they'd have done it by now...
that and despite the way things ended at the tyrrell, i DO have a lot of friends back in drumheller. i'm hoping it was one of them. two years is a long time, and i'm sure many of them miss me as much as i miss them!

so i'm trying to stay upbeat and positive about the trip as i can.

i'm also wanting to impress everyone with the new and improved me... not that i know how to do that. or if i really am new and improved. they just say it on commericals alot, and it makes the stuff sound really cool.

so if i want to impress people i have to look my best. one thing i realized was that i haven't EVER washed my old tyrrell staff uniform... if i was going to impress i was going to have to change that.

so i went to a laundry mat... which isn't the best name. its hardly a flat thing in front of a door welcoming you in. its more of a room full of washing machines. maybe i missed the mat when i came in.

anyways as it is the only piece of clothing i owe i took off my uniform and put it carefully in the machine.

its been a long while since i haven't worn any clothes, like since i was a hatchling long while! though it felt a little weird, at the same time it felt kinda natural. i guess i still do have some tyrannosaurian instincts left in me. afterall we kings of the cretaceous never would have worn a staff shirt while stalking the prehistoric landscape.

man do these things take a while though. i had no idea you had to wait this long... kinda glad i hadn't washed my shirt before. think of all the time i'd waste if i did it all the time!

when the machine finally came to a finish i was in for a very big surprise... or more like a real small one!

the STUPID washing machine had somehow shrunk my staff shirt!!!

oh no!

for a few minutes i was really upset and alarmed. how was i going to look my best in a smaller shirt?

than it occurred to me as i moved around with ease in my sized clothing. it was perfect fit!

forever now i'd been wearing a shirt that was a million sizes too big for it. the sleeves in particular. though supposedly a short sleeve for a human, they were way too big for me! now suddenly i had a true short sleeved shirt. short for even a t-rex.

you know i couldn't look much smarter for my return home. with a shirt that looks like a real shirt. the funny part all i needed to not know how to do was use a laundry machine!


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

You look younger with this new style. Nice shirt. The old look was more formal, like an asian monk or something like that.

Be positive, if you are back home there might be a good reason. We never know! In addition there is Ricardo the almost eaten sauropod and all the other guys.

Raptor Lewis said...

lol. Have a safe trip back home to Canada. I hate it when washng machines do that. It's perfect for you. A new you needs a new look. Y'know in all the time we've known each other, I admit it looked unusual for some strange reason seeing you without the shirt on. Oh well, you don't work at the Tyrell, so why wear the shirt. I understand keeping it as a souvinere, but come on. lol.

Glendon Mellow said...

Yeah, looks much more treny. Now you just need some skinny jeans to go with it, and you'd fit right in with the hipsters here in Toronto.

Peter Bond said...

Oooo! Good call! Yes, you look great, Traum-baby! Younger, healthier, more handsome. This will definitely increase your maketability amoung the female dino demographic! More money for us! Nice one, Big Guy!