5th hatching day...

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Wow a whole year gone, and another hatching day is here again... can you believe, people of the web wide world, i'm 5 years old!

five years to this day i was found by my discoverer, and soon legal guardian, craig... which brings up all sorts of emotional type stuff people of the innerweb.

just the story surrounding my actual discovery makes me feel all sorts of things. i only know bits and pieces of the tale, and it really raises more questions than answers any.

the only concrete fact i know is that craig was definitely out prospecting for fossils. okay and that he was searching around huxley alberta.

the rest is kinda dodgy on reliability. craig mentioned something on my last hatching day about being out looking for lost quarries (those are fossils digs for which no location was recorded. the location information is very important these days for palaeontology), but i'm not sure whose old dig or why. the most puzzling part of the tale i've got is from a photograph of craig's expedition in which craig and my JERK! of a cousin larry are in the badlands searching together (or at least based on the photo their out together!)???

than of course is the whole question of why my egg was there at all... okay obviously it fossilized, but i wonder why it wasn't a normal fossilized egg... how did it become a vivus-fossil (as professor paradigm calls us prehistoric critters who should be extinct but yet have popped up here in the present)?

other emotional things are stirred up too though, leaving me with plenty of guilt and shame. after letting larry talk me into being as big a JERK! as he is, i totally brushed off craig in the middle of his trying to help me resist the pack of the primordial feather. afterwards when i went to try and apologize for what i'd done i discovered craig had disappeared from new zealand entirely!... i have no clue where he went or how to contact him. i just really want to patch things up with my legal guardian. he is the only family i have.

fortunately i have a lot of friends on the innerweb, and in particular facebook who helped cheer me up, and distract me from all the mystery of my hatching day. among those nice enough to give me a nice shout out (or would that be type out?) were:

the most intelligent brain... er i mean brian from one of my favourite blogs Laelaps.
my great virtual buddy glendon from The Flying Trilobite (i'm not as he is virtual whether he himself if a flying trilobite or not... so to be on the safe side i included this picture that could be of him and his family) wrote this nice little message.

Happy Hatching Day, Traumador! Eat lots and lots of meaty cake!
from my special talent agent peter bond i got this:

"It's your party/you can hatch if you want to/hatch if you want to hatch if you want to..." but seriously, HAPPY Hatching DAY, Traum-baby!

You're one more year older and one more year wise....um, one more year making money!

K... Read More eep it up, Big Man, and we'll be swimming in the green stuff by your next hatching day!

Your Talent Agent,Peter Bond, ATA

i also got a message from someone i'd forgotten about, and haven't talked to in way too long (not that i really want to...) agent hamilton of the new zealand department of conservation.

Traumador, I see from your personal file that it is the anniversary of your hatching day today. I'm wishing you a happy birthday from the Department of Conservation.

I also have reason to believe you are not currently in ... Read More the country, and that you have not been in Dunedin at your job or abode for several weeks. Be aware that your status as an Extracontinental Organism requires that you inform the Department of Conservation immediately of any changes of address or movements around the country or abroad. I have had reports of sightings of a small dinosaur as far north as Whangarei. There have also been worrying reports of unusual lights and creatures in areas you have been seen. Please advise me immediately of your return date. I will need to see you in person to discuss these issues.

Yours sincerely,

Agent A. Hamilton Department of Conservation
oh boy... i'd totally forgotten about contacting agent hamilton about my whole new zealand wide museum quest adventure... she was really annoyed last time i left my home in the botanic garden without informing her! that time i'd only moved a block down to avoid a week long flood. what about this time months and months out of dunedin, and now new zealand!!!
i need to remember to phone her.
the weirdest thing though people of the web wide world...
i got a hatching day present!
now don't get me wrong, i know that people get presents for their birthday all the time. i'm not a person though. typically the only person who would get me anything would be craig. again he's gone bye bye. furthermore no one knew i'd be going to australia for my hatching day (especially me!!!).
yet it arrived for me at the hotel i'm staying at none the less. no name. just a card telling me to enjoy the present. no name or even return address on the envelope.
my present. i can hardly believe it! a plane ticket.
you're never going to believe for where to though people of the innerweb...
DRUMHELLER canada!!!!!!!!!!
i haven't been back "home" in over almost two years now. to be honest it is definitely the most memorable thing anyone has ever gotten me.
i can't help but worry though about it at the same time. who sent it to me? why? HOW?
at the same time it might be nice to go visit all my old friends back where i grew up. i have a ton of stories and adventures to tell them about!
though the one person (well okay dinosaur) who i want to see more than any is here in melbourne now! more to the point i have a date with her tomorrow!!! so i'm not going to worry about this plane ticket till after my DATE WITH LILLIAN the ALBERTOSAUR!!!

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Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

5th hatching day!

congrats dinodude!

Cousin Larry the jerkosaurus? what does he think about these compliments? LOL

flying trilobites! that may look sort of frightening!