well now that it's december, and i wasted the whole month of november feeling sorry for myself, it's time to try and make things right. in the wake of my cousin larry's visit almost every aspect of my dunedin life has been shattered or altered. thus far i've done far too little to try and repair this damage.

of course as you know people of the web wide world i did manage to mend things with my buddy owain after his terrifying run in with my 15 metre relative. with the success of the direct approach with owain i decided i'd have to bite the bullet (which despite my massive t-rex jaw muscles would still hurt!... why is it people bite bullets before doing other painful things i wonder?) and try to fix my greatest mistake, and the biggest damage from larry's stay.
that was of course my directly attacking and insulting craig, my legal guardian. i totally fell into a mental trap set by larry convincing me that humans were my enemy, and i took this out on craig. the one human who has never been my enemy...

i'd hurt craig's feelings so bad (which in fairness i was harsh... he did raise me from the egg till i wanted to move out on my own) that he wasn't returning my calls or emails. meaning that the only way i could fix things was the direct approach... i figured i'd deal with the craig end first and track down an ammo store for the bullet later.

so first thing bright and early i plucked up my courage and set out for craig's home at salmond hall.

i'm not going to lie people of the webwide world i was not looking forward to this conversation at all. with owain he'd only been scarred by larry, and it had nothing to do with me, so it was an easy fix. craig on the other hand. man oh man. i'd been as big a JERK! to him as larry typically is to me...

arriving at craig's room i hesitated outside for several minutes hoping that somehow he'd start off this whole thing, and i won't have to... yeah okay kinda a dumb idea i admit people of the innerweb, but it seemed a lot easier than me doing it.

alas after several minutes of having no company but my pounding heart i finally knocked the door... the result of which was definately not what i expected.

the door just swung open! it hadn't been closed or locked at all.

reveiling a way less expected result. the room was completely EMPTY!!!

seriously everything was gone. it hardly looked like the same place i'd crashed when i first moved to new zealand.

i must have been so stressed about facing craig i'd gone to the wrong room or something. there wasn't a trace of him to be found anywhere.

that is till i turned around. there on the now empty dresser sat a vanilla coke... craig's calling card drink (he was addicted to this stuff when it came out, my hatching year so i'd know... he used to drink litres of the stuff).

i sat starring at the room even longer than i did the door. confusion and shock mostly replaced the stress (though a new stress was taking its place).

craig had simply disappeared. in the last couple days (owain had just talked to him) he'd somehow packed up and left. completely undetected.

his neighbors knew nothing of this. they didn't believe me when i came to ask. the front office could only tell me "an outside party had paid off his account".

so much for the direct approach.

rather than one loose end now i'm left with a whole unravelling knitted good worth of ends.
how am i going to fix things with him now? how am i going to contact him? is he okay? will i ever see or speak to him again?!? did he do this because of what i did?

to be honest people of the webwide world i feel worse right now than when i was fired from the tyrrell... which i thought was the most i've been cut off from home...

even though i didn't hang out with him much, having the only parent-like figure i've ever had run off after i pulled a hissy fit makes me feel like i cut myself off from home rather than vice a versa...

there's only one bright side... at least i didn't get the bullet first!
(Production Note from Prehistoric Insanity: We applogize for the delays in the Tyrannosaur Chronicles through the month of December. For the full behind the scene story check out the brand new Prehistoric Insanity Website. Not only does it have behind the scenes info on everyone's fav dwarf T-Rex, but will soon feature many of our other productions and projects!)

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The Ridger, FCD said...

O man, Traum - I hope Craig is okay, and that the "third party" isn't an enemy or something! Of course, that would mean he was so mad and hurt he ran off so you couldn't find him... wow. Talk about painful choices.

Traumador, your life is hard! But at least it's summer...