a second chance! (the big date part 1)

right off the bat, people of the web wide world, i do NOT get life. i never have, and based on how it always seems to go weird on me no matter what, i probably never will.

today's incident has to take the cake on both totally unexpectedness, and huge implications...

so i'd just finished checking out the melbourne museum, which as an activity was enjoyable it also felt like what i'd been up to on my museum quest. the only hint that anything out of the ordinary was coming was my boss ms. rhonwyn had promised me a surprise in the museum's dinosaur hall...

let me tell you it was a SURPRISE people of the innerweb!!!

ms. rhonwyn had come up behind me and jokingly pretended she was introducing me to someone i hadn't known... "traumador the tyrannosaur i'd like you to meet lillian the albertosaur!" she playfully said.

the joke being i very much knew lillian the albertosaur!!!

the whole time i'd been growing up at the royal tyrrell museum, lillian had been the star attraction of the museum. a saurian goddess who i fell head over tail for...

so much so, that i actually worked up the nerve to ask her out back in 2006 (man that was a LONG time ago!). which funny enough no doubt didn't help me out with the other stuff going on at the museum at the time regrading my future there... cause i was fired the next day!

despite how bad my first attempt at courtship went i've always had a crush on the lovely lillian. i often would imagine what i'd do if i ever ran into her again... i was sure i could win her heart if i had another chance.

thing is when do you ever get a second chance like this? i was caught TOTALLY unprepared for this!!! all my plans for woeing and charming lillian counted on some degree of preparation. i had none.

in fact my tiny peanut sized brain couldn't think of anything... AHHHHHHH!

breaking the awkward silence lillian spoke in full on tyrannosaurese, a language i hadn't heard or used in almost a year since my cousin larry had visited... "it is good to see you again traumador." lillian stated...

the thing is i couldn't tell if she was just being polite (afterall you always say that no matter who it is if you haven't seen them for a long time) OR if she really meant it (afterall there was no one else to impress. ms. rhonwyn sure couldn't understand us at moment).

i opted for honesty as the best route. "it's great to see you too lillian," i said (well more like growled, but in human growled would mean i was mad or something). "it's been a long time."

"it certainly has been," lillian agreed.

oh man this SO wasn't how i'd planned things to go. it just occurred to me in my imaginary reunion with her i wanted to say smooth and slick things to gloss over my terrible advance at the tyrrell. the thing is i'd never thought of what those smooth and slick things would be AHHHHHHHH!!!! this awkward bout of casual pleasantries wasn't what i had in mind.

suddenly giving me hope. "i've heard from many..." lillian tipped her head towards ms. rhonwyn, who was watching us with fascination despite no idea what we were saying. "you are not only not a member of the pack of the primordial feather but that you declined your own cousin!"

lillian sounded both pleased with this and impressed. score!

the pack was a sore spot for both of us as we were the only coelurosaurs not to be members of it (that i knew of anyways...). it wasn't like the pack was happy with our absence either.

"yeah," i replied embarrassingly. you try not acting shy around the apple of your eye!

"sadly i have to get back to the exhibition for the rest of the afternoon. however i would love to meet with you say tomorrow and catch up?" lillian wondered.

wait what? did lillian just ask me out?!? "you bet!" i excitedly answered. she told me the time to meet her outside the museum tomorrow...

can you believe that people of the innerweb?!? i have a date with lillian albertosaur, how cool is that!!!

with that lillian said farewell and wandered back down the hall to the... wait did she say exhibition? what exhibition?

i turned to ms. rhonwyn with this question. she choose to hold off on telling me till i'd given her all the details of what me and lillian had discussed. why did she care? i didn't get it.

she was quite delighted to hear that i was meeting lillian tomorrow, and with that she answered my question. "lillian has been working with a travelling dinosaur exhibition the last while, and it is here in melbourne."

of course! i knew that... doh!

just what are the odds that it'd be here when i was???

i'd seen that ad for it at te papa, some company called the annex corporation. it had looked like a really impressive exhibit in wellington. i guess it made sense that it would have come over here to australia. just again the odds and the timing seemed too much for a mere coincidence...

well since it was here, and looked awesome i was about to head off to see it (and lillian again ;p ) when ms. rhonwyn grabbed me by the collar.
"oh no you don't," she sounded very alarmed at my wanting to go see this special exhibit. why? ms. rhonwyn covered up her reasons by changing subject. "i'm afraid we're back to business now. you got your fun surprise. now i have one that's worked related that i need you to do."

what another surprise? wasn't the last one enough of a surprise? what could this one be, and how could it be work related?

she hauled me upstairs. suddenly a very familiar scent filled the air, and i instinctively got hungry...

around the corner was a giant mass blocking one of the doors... it was no ordinary mass... it was a duck bill dinosaur! one of my favourite types of meat!!!

standing in front of this, lambeosaur based on the crest, was a man in a lab coat. i had a very odd feeling.

ms. rhonwyn greeted the man (without saying his name), and indicated she had brought me to him for some pre arranged purpose.

he replied with an odd voice through the very pronounced breathing apparatus he wore over this face... i'd heard that voice before somewhere!

"traumador it has been a long time," the man said that already stated once today line... only he was acknowledging this time span clearly out of politeness... despite this slight standoffishness it did confirm i'd met him before.

"uh," i flustered thinking desperately with my brain the size of a peanut. than it hit me.

"professor paradigm?" i asked, not believing this could be him... a man i barely remembered from my infancy.

"ah so despite your small cerebrum some memory capacity is present," the professor analyzed my remembering. he than turned to ms. rhonwyn. "i shall take him from here. i'll find you when i have concluded my examination and have some results."

"wait what?" i was stunned. way way WAY too much had just happened in the last 30 minutes! he was taking me to do what? an examination? what did that mean?!?

the lambeosaur shifted slightly angrily. i couldn't help but notice on its scaley skin odd marks and scars. however interrupting me from focusing on that ms. rhonwyn had leaned down to match my eye level.

"traum, you had a few stressful things happen to you during the trip around new zealand. not to mention an overdose of mystic gradient energy. i have no idea what that much magic is going to do to your health," she looked very concerned. "and as i can't just take you to any doctor for a check up, i called in a specialist to take a look at you."

memories came welling back up of my last encounter with paradigm, 5 years ago... "but i don't want to go," i whined in a frightened manner.

"enough with this nonsense!" paradigm grumbled, and walked up to me and putting his arm around my shoulder in an nearly grabbing manner pushed me along. the lambeosaur followed behind us.

as i looked back seeking support, ms. rhonwyn merely smiled a sympathic smile. "i'll be in the indoor forest when you boys are done."

this was so unfair! i should have had nothing to think about except for my big date tomorrow! now i was being hauled off by some guy i hadn't seen since i was a hatchling.

worse yet the issue of my magic overdose was going to be looked at. i'd been trying to pretend it hadn't happened, and that i'd be okay. now i was going to find out what? i had mystic cancer or that some magical creature (like whiro) was going to come and destroy me?

my memories of the long ago encounter with paradigm were coming into clear focus now. craig had brought me to paradigm right after i hatched to have me looked at, and given a medical check up. i hadn't liked it back than, and i couldn't see like it much more now!

okay i thought. i just had to make through this stupid procedure, and than i'd have nothing but looking forward to going on a date with lillain... a date with lillian. seriously how cool is that!!!

to be continued... with a paradigm shift!!!

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