8 random traumador facts

my agent peter bond has tagged me in a blog game called 8 tag... and like all good games it'd be no fun to not play... so here i go:

The Rules: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The game rules are posted at the beginning of the post. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment to let them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.


i snore (well more like sssroar) in my sleep. much to the annouyance of my former room-mates, and who knows maybe the birds in the botanic garden too...


my favourite book is the dictionary. why? well let's face it, in the end EVERY other book in existence is ripping off the dictionary, and uses it's words in writing their stories. so why not read the definative and most original... duh!

reading it will hopefully help my vocabulary and expand my peanut sized brain too.
how times have a i read it? you might ask. hundreds of times, but i usually get distracted by something and only make it through the first page of A... but i can sure tell you what an aardvark is!!!


i measure myself once a week to see if i've grown at all. at the ripe old age of 3 (turning 4 next week!) i'm due for a growth spurt any day now! t-rexs are supposed to grow at an astonishing rate in their first 8 years of life, but i'm still only just a touch bigger then when i hatched... and to level with you people of the web wide world i think life would be a lot easier for me if i was a normal sized tyrannosaur...


i'm fluent in six languages... i picked these up from my upbringing by humans, and more to the point growing up in and around the royal tyrrell with all its many dinosaur residents.

english- naturally or you wouldn't be reading this. it's my only human language, and thus far i'm the only dinosaur known to be able to speak it... that alone write in it

tyrannosaurese- i'd be a miserable t-rex if i couldn't speak our native langauge. when talking to my mom or cousin larry this is typically what we speak.

to the average human these can be quite a scary exchange (especially when larry speaks... he has a VERY good t-rex accent from his acting in hollywood) of growls and loud roars... just think jurassic park: the lost world. larry and his wife in the movie are saying authentic t-rex lines (adding a whole new dimension to that film if you're fluent in t-rex or other saurian languages as there's twice the dialouge!)

dromaeosaurench- due to watching jurassic park a few too many times when i was little, i picked up raptor speak from the movie. due to my interactions (well more like fights and arguments as in the this pic... we t-rexs and raptors don't get along when it comes to being tourist attractions. just one big popularity competition... which WE win!!!) with the raptors we had at the tyrrell i kept my use of this language up, and expanded my vocab a lot... especially insults and other not nice words

coelurosaurian- this is the language common to all us bird ancestor theropods. if you heard it you'd think you were listening to big motcho birds chirping... birds can't quite understand us and vice versa...

ornithischianese-language of albertan veggiesauruses (who all funny enough are ornithischians... science lingo for plant eating dinos basically). i picked this one up from working at the tyrrell for so long... to be honest i don't like knowing it... my food talks back this way...

saurish- the most basic of dinosaur communication. it is neither pretty nor complicated, and none of us prefer to use it. just a nessecity with so many varied speices and types of dinos. this was the majority of what i spoke during the whole dino town fisaco.


i've met some pretty cool people in the world of museums and palaeontology back in the good old days...

for example here i am with the official face of the royal tyrrell john accorn the nature nut himself! as if that weren't enough for you on my right (your left... that's a tour guide trick!) is the one and only dr. dale russell!!!

that's not all... i've also had the privelage of hanging out with dinosaur planet's own dr. scott sampson!!!

of course working at the tyrrell i've naturally met the world's numero unio theropod expert dr. phil currie... however due to some tradegic accident i don't have my photos of him anymore!!!


i have a... few... phobias and fears. they include:

  • living dead things... like ghosts, vampires, and republicans!

  • explosions... they'll explode me!

  • gorillas... just watch king kong and see what he does to t-rexs...

  • balloons... that's right i suffer from globaphobia, but no making fun their just so floaty!

  • ghosts... oh yeah i already said this one

  • mosasaurs... the t-rexs of the oceans, and everytime i go swimming i worry one of these guys is swimming with me...

  • i'll turn out a big mean tyrannosaur like all the others still alive today.

  • rodents... i just don't like em... so fuzzy and gross


my favourite food is ornithischians. now granted that's a pretty general statement. liking saying ones favourite food is italian. as a tyrannosaurid from alberta my favs have to be hadrosaurs and ceratopsians.

hadrosaurs or duck bills are a main staple of a t-rexs diet in the wild, so it's a good thing i really like eating them!

to me their the fast food of the dinosaur world, and thus i tend to call them burgers... they don't have horns, armour, or any of that other annouying protective gear (well adaptations technically) so their relatively easy to take down... when on their own... they have an annoying habit of hanging out in herds which can making it tough as they stick up for each other... when you finally manage to seperate one... oh man... yummy

i think my fav food of all time has to be ceratopsians though...

however they've got very large sharp and pokey horns (that they have no problem using) which makes them a little more tricky then a duck bill, and adding to the effort is the bone frill that shields their neck (a t-rexs fav killing spot... with our powerful bite we just crush the spine).

due to the effort one has to put into one of these guys for dinner i think of them as steak. not only do they have horns like cows, but it's expensive meat... in this case workwise... but expensive none the less!

oh man steak is so good i couldn't even stave off my hunger for it when trying to court lillian way back before i was fired from the tyrrell.

come to think of it the last time i had a good steak was back in vancouver at the 65 million block of BC... i could kill for one right about now...


this last bit is super top secret people of the web wide world, and doesn't go any further then you or me!

well despite how bad my aforementioned courting attempt on lillian the albertosaur went back in drumheller i still well... this is embrassing in a way people of the innerweb... still kinda have a crush on her...

but we're now a world apart, and she couldn't have anything to do with a washout like me. being the big star of the museum that she is and all... sigh... she's just so hot and perfect is all...

well that's it from me.

8 random facts as per the rules of the game.

now as for tagging 8 people of the innerweb. i don't really know all that many. let's see can't tag peter.

so i tag kirsten, will, cam white, ms. rhonwyn, the germ-man, grad007, dan, and craig. whether they respond on their blog or facebook doesn't really matter i guess. have fun! i know i did...

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