THE goodbye (the big date conclusion)

today was not how i pictured things going people of the web wide world...

especially after all the planning and imagining i'd done if i did finally get to see lillian again. nope this was not like that at all. though it could have gone a LOT worse mind you.

professor paradigm, earlier today, had ended lillian's current job, leaving her an unemployed and stranded dinosaur. in australia of all places... rather than leave the girl of my dreams to the harsh whims of fortune i decided to take action!

i had entrusted lillian's future with my special talent agent peter bond, but this was not without its problems. i'm paying for it, and not just lillian's part of it either but peter's too. it also means that lillian will be leaving the far south. the worst thing though is that lillian was furious at me for doing this for her.

i was determined though, to be the one who saved her... especially considering the troubles she'd been having due to the pack of the primordial feather before all this. i needed to make sure someone was going to be watching her back, and it sadly couldn't be me, so peter was the only other person i trusted capable of the task .

still lillian wasn't too happy about it as we walked her towards the airport. she wouldn't even walk near me at first.

everytime i'd try to start up a conversation about something we passed, she'd ignore it or worse growl.

it was as we got halfway through downtown the silence finally broke. we went by one of the many horse drawn carriages that go up and down town. "that's pretty neat don't you think?" i suggested to lillian. i didn't particular think through whether she'd find it neat or not. i sure thought it was though.

suddenly lillian finally spoke, and it was not in a happy tone any way you break it down. "how dare you pretend to know what i think!" she accused, taking my wording a little too literally. "the instant my thoughts are as simple as a pathetic runt like yours, i'd rather be extinct!"

"i don't," i matter of factly corrected her . "i don't pretend to know how anyone else thinks." i sadly mumbled to myself. i'd always wanted to be able to think as well as everyone else. how can you pretend to know what they think, when you can't think that well yourself?

"is that so? you could have fooled me," lillian challenged. "if you don't, than why is that you just presumed i would be willing to fly around the world at the whim of some human you know's?!?"

"because i thought you'd appreciate the help," i angrily grumbled. i was getting really depressed and angry at the same time now. not only had i failed with lillian, but now she was just rubbing my face in it. had she not asked her next question in the way she did i probably would have just stormed off, leaving her to fend for herself in australia.

"why would you do that? why would you care if i appreciated it or not?" lillian demanded.

had she not heard me earlier? was she deliberately trying to get me to embarrass myself out loud again... like i didn't feel bad enough already.

"because," i started but paused. the last time i'd said this to her, she tried to eat me! "because i love you."

"what that again?" she said in an unbelieving tone. "i thought you'd out grown that foolish human-like behaviour after that stupid stunt you pulled at the tyrrell."

"what does that have to do with me acting human?" i demanded.

"humans are the only ones who think mating is for life," she stated. "our ancestors never pretended such nonsense!"

that was it. i wasn't being nice anymore! "oh how stupid of me," i mocked. "you're right i should be more like our ancestors, and oh i don't know, join the pack while i'm at it!"

i pushed my point. "what is so wrong with me trying to catch up with the modern world?" i pleaded. "sure i make a lousy dinosaur, but look around you lillian. the law of the jungle died out a long time ago with our ancestors. you can't make it in this world without adapting. you can try to play life like one of our ancestors, but you'll end up where you are now or worse the humans run the show. if we don't play by their rules than they'll let us fade back into just the past..."

"look at me though. i haven't been playing make belief like larry and his goons that this is still the mesozoic. i'm making it on my own. all because i'm pretending to be human," i concluded. much of my anger was gone. though i was left out of steam. if she tried to be mean again i wasn't in the mood to fight back, and i was just going to leave.

instead lillian stood stunned staring at me. it was the most unusual minute or so of my life. to say it was awkward would be to imply her stare was somehow ill mannered. to say it was a natural pause would imply i hadn't just poured my heart out.

finally she responded. not so much in words, but rather with a...

muzzle nudge. the tyrannosaurian version of a kiss!!!

"i'm sorry," lillian said difficultly. for female of her status (or at least former status) to admit to someone so low as she treated me apologizing must have been really hard to do. "i'd never considered you were serious about any of it. i thought you were just a juvenile pretending to be an adult," she admitted, and quickly added. "it is probably just your height and stature fooling me about your age." ouch. just cause i'm small doesn't mean i don't matter!

"it's also," she continued. "i'm not used to one of our kind trying to help me out. at least not without a major cost," she confessed. "can you forgive me?"

hmmm let's see. forgive the hottest theropod i've ever met... haven't been able to stop thinking about her since i was 3 years old... the only other coelurosaurid not too join the pack... most important just gave me a nose snuggle hmmm

"of course i do," i said with great relief.

she cautioned though. "though, this doesn't mean i love you back." i knew she sort of meant. yet there was twinkle in her eye that didn't quite make me think she completely meant it!

"fair enough," i allowed as not to push the subject.

how's that people of the web wide world? my whole first date with lillian the albertosaur didn't end in total disaster. granted it was no ubber success either. i'm not sure what this is.

getting her to the airport, security had a little bit of a problem with a full grown tyrannosaurid showing up unannounced. i'd blog about it, but due to their insistence i not in exchange for lillian's processing onto a flight, i of course can't.

needless to say lillian has left my life once again... only this time i have a feeling i will see her again. than... than people of the innerweb... i swear i'll do all that i can to make her mine!


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

that was cretaceously romantic!

Raptor Lewis said...

VERY cretacously dinosaurian romantic. So, that's what happened with you and Lillian. Maybe...just maybe....things'll work out between the two of you. (Hey, thanks for Instant Messaging with me last night.)

kahrani said...

So how big a dinosaur can you fit in an aeroplane? Just wondering!