boneyard 26 is coming... HERE!!!

well i know it wasn't all that long ago since the last boneyard came out, but there's some big news regarding the monthly virtual gathering of the cyber palaeontologists...

the upcoming december boneyard will be hosted HERE on the tyrannosaur chronicles, on the 2nd!!!

i'm super excited and can't wait to host the gathering of all my fellow prehistory loving innerweb friends!

due to this timing unbelievably well with my plane ticket back to canada that someone... i'm really not sure who though?!?... bought me for my hatching day, i have the perfect theme for this new boneyard... as i'll be in proximity to mine!

"My Favourite Museum!"
so my thinking for this themed boneyard is for anyone and everyone out on the innerweb to put up a post about their favourite museum... it doesn't have to be a really "smart" or sciencey one, cause afterall it's me the archosaur without enough grey matter to fill a walnut running the show! rather i'd like to get to know other museums of the world through the eyes and words of other palaeo lovers who have been to them.
it'd be awesome if we could get at least 30 posts... that's right you read it, a challenge people of the innerweb... 30 museum related posts!
these posts don't have to be about just museums. they could also be people's favourite visitor centre, fossil locatality, university, and or other palaeo related location or institution.
these posts can be anything about them. photos and/or memories. a recollection of a fond trip. a profile of the best exhibit/display/specimen. any funny behind the scenes stories you might have about the place. hopefully we'll get a few full-on virtual tours too, which would be sweet as, but again even just a short shout out to your museum would go a long way here in cyber space.

i'll also collect the best of non-museum related palaeo posts, so please send those my way too!
however again i'd like to stress i want to see as many people post (especially first time boneyard posters) about their museums as we can. afterall to many of us non-professional palaeo people these places are one of our key links to the preshistoric past. by sharing our main portal with other people we share our personal connection with them, and i think that would be so cool...
not to mention the free advertising for these institutions that have given us so much. frankly a lot of museums need to get something back to stay running and awesome. it would be totally worth it to your institution if even one reader visited it as a result of what you put up. (i'm always looking for new museums to visit myself! i will no doubt use some of these as suggestions)
so send submissions (a submission for first timers meaning link to a post on another blog) either through the comments on this post or to my email traumador@gmail.com.
30 posts we can do it people of the web wide world!!!


Glendon Mellow said...

Fantastic idea!

Raptor Lewis said...

GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!! I have a few I mind too. Um...one question. Is it a post on my blog or comment on yours?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

cool idea! I have sort of the same question that Raptor Lewis asked in my mind.

Traumador said...

yeah sorry guys... stupid me. trying to encourage new people without telling them how!

yeah so how it works is you put up a post on YOUR blog, and than on Dec. 2nd i put up the boneyard post which is basically just a bunch of links to the various posts ppl tell me to include in the "carnival". the boneyard works as a focus point for the months palaeo blogging by getting people to checkout the highlighted posts.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...


"on december 2nd!" then

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

BTW I'll write it part in english, part in spanish. So you correct me if I put my feet in my mouth! LOL

Peter Bond said...

I've put up my Boneyard post (Munich). Can't wait for the Carnival!

Glendon Mellow said...

I'll put something up to help promote it...and try to write something myself for submission.

It's a tough call. But maybe I'll write about a lesser know museum.

David Bressan said...
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JJ said...


There you go! Bit late in the day for it, but hey, I like deadlines - I particularly like the whooshing noise they make as they go by!