future consideration (the visitor part 1/2)

things seem to have fallen into place quite nicely here in new zealand. sure there's been a few upsets recently namely the flood, being bullied by the germ-man, and the surprise visit from the department of conservation. overall things down here are actually going well.

funny when i think back to my aspirations back in my final days in canada. i seriously thought that if i moved down here i'd become some sort of dinosaur super star... it made sense to my peanut sized brain... with no other dinosaurs i should have been quite the novelty.

only thing i didn't take into consideration i guess is that most people don't care about dinosaurs anymore... we are mostly extinct and gave up being a big deal when that happened.

there is still a person out there though who holds out hope of my eventual breaking into stardom... my special talent agent peter bond.

why am i on this odd feeling almost sorry for myself tangent today, you might wonder today people of the web wide world... none other then mr. bond phoned me up today to check on my progress...

i hadn't been in contact with peter for EVER! last time i talked to him it was a very confusing conversation and i wasn't particularly keen on another like it... and with things being so stable at moment i hadn't really needed to either... i thought i was only supposed to talk to my talent agent when my talent was in trouble?
despite the fact i've owned my cell phone for a while now not many people call me on it still... so it was a pleasant surprise when it rang today.
"hiya traumador baby! how have things been shaking?" came a very familiar voice.

"really good peter," i responded.

"well there big guy, it's been a while since i was in touch. figured it was about time we touched base. fill me in on your life," peter requested.

i proceeded to catch him up on recent events. After which he said. "Wait so let me get this straight traum. you've just been coasting on that security guard job?"

"what do you meaning coasting?" i asked. i wasn't sure what putting a coaster under my drink had to do with my job?

"you're under utilizing your talents at the museum traumador
. that's why we wanted to get you somewhere in the world without other dinosaurs remember?" he replied... though i'm not sure where the 'we' came into it. i was the one who had the idea to go somewhere without other dinosaurs...

peter continued. "think back to our last face to face meeting in vancouver. remember how i said you shouldn't settle or compromise on becoming just another ordinary schmuck. that's what you're doing at the otago museum right now. you're being seduced by the easy low profile life..."

"sure it has low responsibility and no demands, but where's the glamour? where's the challenge? where's the money?" he passionately concluded on a slight choke.

i almost took offense to some of this. "excuse me peter, but i'm not settling on anything," thinking about it more i actually growled... which is the most tyrannosaurian thing i've done in a while!

"do you know what my last job at the tyrrell was?" i angrily challenged.

"greeting guests or something like that," peter dismissed.

"yeah, greeted guests as a statue!" i shouted. "at least here at the otago museum they trust me enough to let me to talk to humans, and actually do something to help run the place!!!"

peter paused for moment. "wow there calm down my main man," he back peddled. "i didn't mean it that way. i'm batting for you after all my little saurian friend."

peter cleared his throat. "all i mean is that you're capable of way more then being a statue. capable of way more then security guard. capable of way more then museum section supervisor..."

wow that sounded really good... if only... "you mean i could be a curator someday?"

peter was caught off guard for a second "well i guess so... i was thinking more tourism's biggest attraction, but curator why not?"

"that's why i'm calling you traum baby," peter went on. "this security guard job is a great starting point, but you need to pursue bigger things sooner or later or you'll get stuck there forever. we need to focus on a bigger more glorious future for you, and me, then this whole watching a bunch of dusty old artifacts."

"we want to elevate you above the image of a dinosaur who is ancient obsolete thing, but to a dinosaur who is on the cutting edge. nah! not just the edge, but the very essence and essentiality of the future!" peter passionately pleaded.

"wow," i was taken back. "that does sound awesome."

"yes traumador, and we're going to get you there together," peter concluded.

"with that in mind i have proposition for you traum," peter cautiously said.

"a what?" i replied.

"oh nothing traum," peter relaxed. "it just would help me manage your eventual climbing the ladder or fortune if i had a more proactive handle on your affairs."

"a what?" i responded.

"i could much better direct your future path if i controlled your finances traumador," peter ventured.

"i don't know," i hesitated. i had only just started to make money again... i didn't want to just give it up like that.

"i understand your reluctance big guy, but at the same time have i ever let you down?" he pressed on.

"it's not that. i just don't want to end up where i was last year," i said.

"exactly," peter agreed. i was a little surprised at that response. "if i'd been able to intervene on your behalf that never would have happened. remember it was that whole building a fake dino town that got you in that trouble, and i wasn't your agent yet."

well that was true come to think of it. what if peter had been there. maybe that whole mess could have been prevented...

"well okay," i started. "but only if you promise it's just in a watching and advisor role. i don't want you spending it."

"unless it's really important?" peter questioned. "after all what if something really key comes up, and i as your agent need the flexibility to react?"

i wasn't sure why his insistence was making me uncomfortable. after all peter had been helping me for a long time now... he was only trying to help me now... wasn't he?

"alright," i found myself committing. "but only on important stuff."

"perfect," peter's voice was beaming. "i'll send you the paperwork right away. we'll throw in a clause that guarantees only crucial spending. how about that big guy?"

right when i thought that was the end of this phone call. "one last thing traumador. are you going to be in town the next couple of weeks?"

"yeah, why?" i asked.

"oh just wondering," peter clearly was holding something back. "just if you're going to be out of town in the next little while make sure you let me know. otherwise keep your eyes open. you might be paid a special visit."

"a what?... from who?" i blurted. what was peter talking about? last time he called he talked about "a visit in the near future"...

"that's all i'm allowed to say on the record my main man," peter was going to hang up in a second i just knew it! "but off the record traum. say yes to the offer." *click* went the call

since when was a talk to ones agent supposed to leave them this confused?!? and what had i just agreed to with my money?

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Say yes to the offer, my main man!