surprise surprise (the visitor part 1)

well it's official people of the innerweb, my life in new zealand ceased being nice simple and uncomplicated today.

if anything i'm left really wishing i could somehow rewind my watch (which i still haven't figured out to do... why'd i throw the instructions out) and go back in time... which would put me back in my past...

see i moved to new zealand to get away from the past, and to just restart. it works in video games all the time!

what happens instead? right when i'm settling into a nice new existence a big part of my past has to come looking for me!

i'm jumping ahead in the story though... let's go back to earlier today...

it started off as a real fun day. deciding that i still hadn't explored the botanic gardens enough... which is a little bit of a crime considering i've lived in them for 5 years! in my defense they are HUGE... i set about to finally check out the aviary which is located on the other side of the gardens from the dell...

part of the reason was just natural curiosity, but to be honest the other reason is that i wanted to get a better grasp of the layout of the gardens in case the ghostlights come back...

the aviary was a bit of a surprise (my first, but not last of the day). rather then an airport i was expecting (i'm used to aviary being a word about airplanes... not avians) it was a bunch of big bird cages!

it was a super cool place! sort of like a bird only zoo... well mini zoo... okay actually more like just the bird section from a zoo... point is it was sweet!

i had lots of fun checking out the many different birds. some were big, small, pretty, hideous, but they were all relatives of mine. it's nice to see that we dinosaurs still have had an impact on the world outside of museums and the movies.

my favs were the kaka's. a native parrot of new zealand.

their very smart, curious, and friendly. i ended up hanging with them all afternoon...

kakas are really good acrobats and gymnasts who climbed their cages with no problems at all.

they love chewing on hard stuff. the various logs and trees in their cage don't stand a chance hahahaha

so it was nice to make some friends with my great great great... uh... just times great a few million times grand cousins. after the whole afternoon the kakas had taken a shining to me, and using some of my coelurosaurian language skills i was able to kind of talk to them... only very simple stuff, but if i come back more and practise some more i might be able to pick up true avian!

after spending the whole afternoon on this fun activity i figured it was time to get home, and get ready for work which i had later in the night.

starting to walk home, i was surprised (as i am everytime) by my cell-phone ringing... i don't get a lot of calls. last time i did peter confused me, and made me kinda sketchy on the whole phone thing. the phone call i got this time has sealed the deal on my feelings about my cell-phone...

it was my landlord ben the gardener. "traumador?" he sounded uncomfortable. "if it's not an inconvenience could you please meet me down by the garden plaza?"

i replied. "well ben it is kinda an inconvenience. i've got work in a couple hours, and i need to get ready. can't it wait till tomorrow? i'll buy the coffee!" i added hoping that would make up for my having to bail.

i didn't like putting ben off a day, as he was nice enough to live in the garden for free, but i didn't want to get in trouble at work.

"i'm afraid i'm going to have to insist," ben angrily stated. "there's a..." he paused sounding as though he was petrified of something on his end of the line. "visitor to the garden who could only be looking for you, and i need you to come deal with them now!"

"okay," i replied puzzled. "who is it?" anybody who'd come to visit me these days like agent hamilton or ms. rhownyn would just call me like ben had...

"they haven't been so kind as to give me a name..." ben started suddenly there was a loud noise on his end of the phone. "oh dear god not the ginko tree! TRAUMADOR get down here this instant please!"

his voice stayed quiet in volume as though not to be overheard, but the tone was furious... what could kind of visitor could i have to make ben so upset?

if only i'd known what i was walking into...

arriving at the plaza i beheld a sight that made my heart stop... there with ben stood my cousin larry! the last person or dinosaur i expected to EVER come and visit me here in new zealand...

last time i saw larry was in vancouver, and it was typical of our exchanges... not pleasant at all. larry is among the biggest jerks i know! he hates me almost as much as i don't like him... what on earth was he doing here?

more to the point new zealanders don't have much contact with dinosaurs at the best of times... there is no way the people of dunedin were going to be ready for a full grown tyrannosaur wandering around!

snapping me back to the present. "would you care to explain to me traumador what this is, and why it is in my garden?!?" ben demanded.

oh man people of the web wide world, ben sounds really upset, and frankly i don't blame him one bit!

why is larry here? what am i going to do to get rid of him? why of all the things that could happen to me did it have to be larry?!?

to be continued...

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