new gig

when my phone rang this morning saying it was my special talent agent peter bond on the line, i was really excited!

after all i'd sent the girl of my dreams, lillian the albertosaur, to go and find her fortune with peter. hopefully this was him letting me know she'd arrived safe and sound, and that they were underway rebuilding her destroyed life!

sadly no such luck... "no sorry my main man," peter sympathetically informed me. "poor lillian's being bounced from one quarantine to another at moment. not many countries are used to bringing in extinct animals after all. so they're being extra cautious with a dinosaur."

i hadn't had that ever happen to me... i bet it was just because of how big and "scary" she was that the human's were treating her that bad! peter did relay some news that cheered me up though. "she's definitely out of this last one next week, and i'm scheduled to pick her up than. i'll give you call about it on the day, okay?"

i don't think i even need to tell you how in for that i was people of the web wide world!

"anyways my reason for calling big guy," peter re-framed the conversation. "i've got a new gig for you!"

"there's a pretty big dinosaur blog, dinosaur home, who've noticed your stuff," he informed me. "they're offering you a chance to post dinosaur related info posts over there."

"cool how much will i get?" i asked eagerly, as i was well aware that funding peter and lillian's impending journeys was going to cost me a lot.
"well don't think of it so much in monetary compensation. more like web visitors. in that case it'll be hundreds!" peter cautioned optimistically.
i guess that wasn't such a bad thing. i'd get to spread some dinosaur know how with more people of the innerweb, and get my message out about not all dinosaurs being bad.

so long story short i've taken the "gig"...
so check out my first article over there on the new ornithomimid herd that was found in china over at dinosaur home, and expect more in the future!


Glendon Mellow said...

Congratulations, Traumador!

I'll add it to my Blog List.

Raptor Lewis said...

Excellent, Trauamdor!!! I'll add it to my blog list too. You and I need ALL the resources we can get to educate people on paleontology. Have fun, buddy! :)

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hey! that was great! I read your article on that site.

Interesting paleosite for sure!