my favourite comic strip

one of my favourite things to read on the innerweb is the burgess shale themed comic strip walcott's quarry over on etrilobite. with help from my buddies at prehistoric insanity i've written
my own strip with lovely art by prehistoric insanity digital.

check it out...

also be sure to check out the REAL walcott's quarry today!


Raptor Lewis said...

Cool strip, Traum! The CGI work is cool! BTW what is an Anomalocheirus? I know it lived over 500 million years ago with the trilobites. No one will tell me what that is. Anyway, keep it up!

Traumador said...

anomalocaris is a bizarre arthopod (that is shelled critter related to things like insects, crabs, scorpians, trilobites, and spiders) that was among the first complex animals to evolve. it was also the first mega predator, being like 4 times bigger than the other animals of the cambrian.

its weird lobe finned body, stalked eyes, and grasping tentacle like arms are an example of the large strange diversity of animal body plans that showed up in the beginning of multi celled life, but as time went on we lost more and more of them to extinction.

stephen gould's book a wonderful life is a great intro to all things burgress shale and cambrian. though after the first 2 chapters it can be a little techno babble heavy, but those first two are required reading for any palaeo nut.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...