Major Traumador Crisis!

Production Note From Prehistoric Insanity

A most unfortunate, and frankly outrageous crisis has just struck The Tyrannosaur Chronicles (along with out other affiliate blogs). Due to Google's hidden limit on photos with a blogger account (which in our opinion was NOT well advertised when we signed on with blogger. Had we noticed this we would have chosen a different provider!) we have maxed out our photo capacity with this account, and are no longer able to upload ANY photos to this site.

An upgrade can be made to the account, but the timing couldn't be worse for current team members' financial situations. As of such we are very saddened that effective immediately we are unable to put up any more posts for the time being (as Traumador's life is really not much fun without the pictures we so pain stakingly took just for posting here!).

Hopefully something sorts itself out in the next few days, but sadly rent at moment is a real problem for our members in New Zealand due to the current global financial crisis hitting that country REALLY hard. Sadly with them having trouble just making ends meet, Google's trying to extort them through the "free" blogging service of blogger is an outrage.

Stay tuned there is a possible move in the works for The Tyrannosaur Chronicles!


Michael Hoskin said...

I have an idea of how to fix this. Get in touch with me.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Michael Hoskin's idea sounds interesting, I may want to know that too ..... just in case, there is also flickr! it gives you the code and may be useful too.

BTW I think there is also a limit for a blog capacity or something like that. I am not sure.

google limits too much!

Raptor Lewis said...

That happens with HUGE companies. Google can be unreliable sometimes. I know how ya feel. Gmail quit working for my old adress. What might work is that you delete some of the vlogs on the site if it's a memory situation. Post the vlogs on Youtube in that case. As for limiting things, Google sucks.

Glendon Mellow said...

There's a limit?

Is it that little percentage you see each time you load a photo?

I won't go so far as saying Google sucks, but the situation certainly does.

You can't keep a good dino down!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Hi Traum! Consider other image uploading sites, Traum! Google will be worse in the future.

BTW I edited that post and included a translation for the dunky/fishie dialogue