taste of nature #1

i've decided to rework my photos throughout the week. though you've seen taste of natures before this is the debut of the new format (as all my other pictures were of birds... which i've decided to turn into a totally different picture of the week category).

so i give you some of the badlands of drumheller as the first taste of nature! this hill is about a 2 minute drive down the dinosaur trail from the tyrrell heading out of drumheller.


Raptor Lewis said...

That IS Big!! Here in the state of Kentucky, we are big in the Sedimentary rocks and the HUGE hills! Kentucky is called the "Bluegrass State." Why? Because of the Limestone that our pastures of grass grow on, when sunlight hits it, the grass turns a good shade of blue. It's because the grass and soil absorb all the calcium from the rocks. That's also why our Thouroughbred horses are so healthy and strong. We are also rich in fossils. Trilobites make up a decent percentage of the fossils here. Indicating that Kentucky at one time was underwater. Anyway, cool idea.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

so these are the famous badlands we always hear/read