fossil of the weekend! #6

a pair of dimetrodon skeletons at the royal tyrrell museum.


Raptor Lewis said...

Yay!! We Got Photos!! Y'know, I'd never seen what a Dimetrodon fossil before. The only pictures of Dimetrodon that I've seen were renditions of the reptile alive. In some of my early childhood dinosaur books, not only do they show the animal alive but always pair it with dinosaurs for whatever reason. It was in a DINOSAUR book!! They were correct in it not being a dinosaur, but, people don't care about he text in those books. They care about the pictures. In a sense, they were telling people wrong information.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Like these critters!

what RL mentions is true, I've even seen Stegosaurus fighting a T-Rex like creature.

Peter Bond said...

Hey Traum-Baby!

Just hitting here wishin you a Merry Christmas from abroad! Have a great one!