happy x-mas!

in my quest to figure out what makes humans tick, one thing i have noticed is that they love to take time off. in order to do that they come up with special days throughout the year to have a break on.

one of the biggest of those is x-mas. which i know is famous for people getting presents, but i've never gotten any before.

that is till this x-mas! a box of presents showed up for me!!!

the only bad thing is that much like the plane ticket i got for my 5th hatching day, i have no idea who sent me them. though based on the hand writing it is the SAME person...

apart from this mystery element it made this x-mas my most memorable.

i got this awesome mini-poster of diplodocus carnegiei.

a nice tyrannosaur skeleton shot. i only hope my skull looks as dashing as this one shown.

a mug shot of my cousin larry. i guess it's the thought that counts... i can only hope they don't know we're related or hate each other in that case.

the highlight of the box was this wrapped item. cool. i don't get things encased in paper often.

i'd like to say unwrapping it was fun... well okay, it was fun, but it wasn't easy. that's a better way to word it.
getting the paper off with arms as small as mine isn't easy, and add to that my claws... i had some pretty shredded paper... which may also have happened when in frustration of my fingers getting stuck in the present i kinda instinctively bite it too...
it was worth it though...
it was a really funny lollipop! man i laughed so hard. extinction sucks... get it?!? best pun ever!
to all of you out there on the innerweb have a great x-mas too!


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

A dinosaur with an "Extinction Sucks" lollipop! LOL now that was hilarious!

Of course Traum, we humans love talking time off! ... at least some of us certainly do love that.

nice gifts

Mo Hassan said...

merry xmas to you traumador... those gifts are all from the Natural History Museum in London, I am fairly certain of that!!! Someone from London sent them to you! (not me, sorry!)

Raptor Lewis said...

Hilarious!! Merry Christmas, my friend.