The Crisis is Over

Production Note From Prehistoric Insanity

The Google related crisis here at The Tyrannosaur Chronicles has been dealt with. We paid their content related ransom, and bought the additional storage.

To help raise funds for this in the future (we were thinking of doing this anyway) we'll be likely coming up with some Traumador/Dinosaur merchandise. Ideas include T-Shirts, posters, and possibly models/action figures! (There's a slight chance we'll have access to a prototyping machine later this year! At the same time don't get you're hopes up too high for these just yet...). Let us know if you'd be interested in any of these or others.

As for all the supportive comments left by our loyal readers, thank you! We appreciate the helpful suggestions too, and though there were none google means of storing pictures these are not as convenient or time efficient as the built in google uploader. Again the problem was caused by Traumador's high picture saturation (We have over 3000 pictures on this site!). Sadly other solutions add about 30-60 seconds a picture, which when the average Traum post has 10+ that eats up blogging time in a hurry. Especially given that Traum's current return to Drumheller has some 500 pictures just itself!

Once again we apologize for the delay this has caused, and hope you enjoy future Traumador stories in the year to come!


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I sincerely didn't know we had to pay for extra storage space. Ok, it's not that difficult to figure out but I hadn't thought about that before.
I just hope they won't add more limits in the future.

Mo Hassan said...

Yay! Glad the crisis has been averted, even though Google are now even richer and you are poorer :(

I'd definitely buy merchandise, traumador action figures!!!! Or a t-shirt that says "eggnant" or something along those lines.

Raptor Lewis said...

Good to Hear!!!!!!!! Although, if Google has more limits in the future, I'll cut my ties with them pesonally and permanently!! :( That wasn't fair to you and why do we have to pay for pictures? That's stupid!! They can get money some other way!! Sorry you guys had that issue. Can you still post pics? I'd love some Traum merchandise, by the way. :) "eggnant" LOL!!!

Marek said...


If you need any help merching up, talk to me, as I have a fair bit of experience in the matter!

Also, have you thought about setting up a Paypal donate? I would totally donate!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I may want a Traum puppet!


Traum I need your help, a guy sent me some photos of a site near a mining place in my country. Looks like a dinosaur trackway, what may it be? It was found on Jurassic rocks.


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

update for you:
according to a local museum researcher and some japanese dudes those were theropod+ornithopod footprints.

Traumador said...

hey guys,

thanks for the support again, and sorry for the lack of me saying anything meanful right now. had a busy week with... fossil hunting with an ACTUAL palaeontologist!!!

will post on it soon, and new post in the next 24hrs i promise, but i need to goto bed now. last day of field work till jan.

also will get back to your comments individually, as i again really have appreciated the support!

Peter Bond said...

Traum-baby! Don't you worry about a thing! With Lilian and I traveling the Globe, working around the world, I'll ..er..we'll have no problem making LOADS of cash to pay for the blog! Chill baby, yeah!

Call ya soon!