a dinosaur that never sleeps... (new york part 2)

i get lots of eee-mail these days, and though i don't normal post most of it, i thought this would be a virtual exchange you the people of the innerweb might like to read.

it's an eee-mail from lillian the albertosaur!
hello traumador?

i can't not be sure you are seeing this. i do not understand how this human letter projecting box works...

it has been a few months since i last saw you. i just wanted you to know i miss you very much. especially given the only company i currently have is so. well, unpredictable.

do not get me wrong. i appreciate what you did for me, but this peter human is very full on. though it can be motivating at times, the fact his enthusiasm and determination doesn't cease can be a little off putting sometimes.

be that as it may, peter has so far done what he set out to do. that is bring us to new york city. here he hopes to get me a job at the american museum of natural history.

new york is very different from anywhere else i've been to. it is big. much bigger than even melbourne, which i thought was a large human gathering. new york has many more humans, more than i imagined could be in one place. i can't not even begin to describe the smell of so many of them at once! [we tyrannosaurs have one of the best senses of smell known in the animal kingdom]

new york has been living up to its nickname, a city that never sleeps! as there are no hotels or accommodations that will allow me to stay in them, peter and i have been forced to wander around town till tomorrow morning till the museum opens. yet we are not the only ones wake here.

awesome to hear from you lillian!

no problems reading you on the "letter projecting box", or as the humans call it a puter. i got your eee-mail just fine.

glad you and peter are making progress. i have noticed he is cheerful all the time too. just one of his quirks i guess. no harm has ever come from being positive though has it?... actually come to think of it i've never looked that up.

i wish i could check out new york! though the potential of smelling millions of people at once doesn't sound entirely fun.

how have you been finding not being able to sleep in new york? what have you guys been doing to occupy the time?

why you would want to come to such a concentration of mammals i do not understand, traumdor.

i do find it interesting though that there is plenty to keep us occupied despite the fact it is dark. it has always struck me that humans lack the drive to do anything in the night. unlike those of us who are true hunters. i have always felt alive at night, as though prey might be at hand in the gloom. it is nice to have finally found a place i can act up on my instincts.

not that it is anything like nighttime here. with the number of light orbs they have around this place it is almost as bright as dusk or dawn!

the peter human has been keeping us on the move. he says it'll help not only keep us awake, but generate interest. as of such he has had me parading up and down the streets of this city. which somehow feels wrong.

maybe it is the eerily flat "ground", the sky being blocked out by giant cubes, or the fact i'm completely surrounded by mammals on foot or in wheeled moving containers. this place has me weirded out.

despite this, the one thing i do appreciate while journeying around this city. is that most of the humans are completely unmoved by the sight of me. normally they cower or act in panic. here they simply act like i'm curiosity as opposed to the bringer of doom. even their enforcers barely responded to me. anywhere else i've been outside of a museum these enforcers would have been trying to cordon me off.

i guess that's to be expected. new york has seen a lot of stranger and scarier things than you...
bad guys of every variety including super villians, not to mention the action and super heroes that fight them all. they've had many many run ins with aliens. all manner of scary things have haunted that city too zombies, vampires, and ghosts (though they also have the real ghostbusters there, so its all good!). even my main man godzilla's little mutant cousin romped through there once.

what are you going on about?!?

i do not understand this nonsense you're going on about.

oh sorry. just a bunch of stuff i saw in some documentaries on the TV.

point is based on what i've seen of new york, typically you don't have much to worry about. even if things get hairy and the city is destroyed, they seem to rebuild it every time... in the amount of time it takes for the end credits to segue into the evening news! can you believe that!

it must be nice to be in a place where people aren't terrified of dinosaurs. now i really want to go. i'm looking for such a place!

i find i miss you less talking to you again on this puter box. i hope it is merely the meaning of your words is lost as they travel the world. or is that you truly are so stupid?

this place has been perfectly safe. for me in any case. peter human has had some frightful moments when he was approached by darkly clothed mammals. he claims everything "was just peachy", but i could smell the fear he was emitting. i wonder are these stealthy humans predators of some kind?

if so, it is good to see they know their place in the food chain. for they left peter human alone when i'd stand over him.

there is only a few more hours before morning and the museum opens. peter human is hoping they'll let me sleep somewhere within, and he can find his own sleeping territory.

i hope you are finding something worthwhile in drumheller. i miss our old home, and very much wish we could trade places. that way you could visit your precious dinosaur "friendly" city, and i could return to a place where we can at least exist.


Raptor Lewis said...

Very cool, Traum. Glad to hear Lillian is doing great. It hasn't turned into San Diego from the second Jurassic Park, has it? Or the American Godzilla film from the 1990s with Mathew Broderick. I'm not surprised, however, that they respect a full grown theropod as there is the original T-rex specimen in the AMNH that Barnum Brown found.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...


I'm sure this is the first time I see a tyrannosaurid wandering around Times Square

cool Peter! thanks for sharing!