okay here is the first ever tyrannosaur chronicles Palaeo CHALLENGE!!!

the idea is to test your palaeontologic know how and thinking skills. hopefully everyone is a winner!

so your first problem...

i am out in the badlands currently trying to find this lost quarry of francis slate. one of my main clues/tools for finding this lost quarry of his is this photograph.

there is possible problem with this photo that, if i forget to take into account, will lead to my not recognizing this spot. even if i'm standing right on top of it!

what COULD be the problem with the photograph, and what is the easy solution i should make sure to do, so i don't fail at my quest?

good luck! leave you answer and solution in the comments to this post, and check back on feb. 21st when i get back in from the field and tell you who got it right!


Raptor Lewis said...

*grins* Oooh, a challenge!!

Okay, Here's my advice:

1.) Remember that erosion and weathering can change the Badland environment in a relatively short period of time.

2.) Look for any change in the landscape that looks very similar to the photo.

3.) Remember the year it was taken and think about which specimens that are on archive in the Tyrrell so you know what must have been found where. I think you said some fossils in the Tyrrell were found by Slate. If not, ignore what I said here.

4.) Erosion could also easily bury or alter a quarry within a century. So, you may be standing on an old quarry.

5.) As no records of the location that some fossils were found are at the Tyrrell, try to keep some of your knowledge of the Geology in the area.

6.) Pay attention to Tanke as he is the expert. (Small brain-size is NO excuse for a pathetic attention span, buddy. I KNOW you have a decent attention span.)

7.) Don't look for any precedented items that have been found at previous quarries. Slate may or may not have taken everything with him.

Good luck, buddy and Fun Challenge!! I didn't play to win it, just to have fun and help you out. (On an unrelated note, I've taken your advice on watching my wording. I've asked Dinorider nicely to repeat himself when I didn't understand him.)

As for the winner of this challenge, what does he/she get as a prize?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

RL did an interesting to-do list!

I'm an ignorant on dig sites but I may want to know if that place at the right of the photo was a riverbed. I don't know anything on the weather of the badlands but in my country places like that change a lot at least each 20 years when the rainy season worsens due to the ENSO effect. So the photo may be kind of misleading.
The main "structure" of the place could be still recognizable though. And those mountains may be very useful too! They don't change that fast.

Raptor Lewis said...

You made a good point. The photo CAN be misleading. I think he said that though, in case you missed it by skimming the post. (Don't worry I do the same thing sometimes too.) Don't worry about knowing stuff about quarries. I don't know much either.