fossil of the weekend! #16

a pleisoaur skull from the albertan oil sands, on display at the royal tyrrell museum.


Raptor Lewis said...

Two words: Amazing and Beautiful!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I like its bone structure. Look at those teeth!
It reminded me that animal from that Nigel Marven Show Sea Monsters.


BTW, Traum, do you remember that old dinosaur footprint stuff that I told you about some time ago? there were dinosaurs (including an about 17 meter long theropod according to the scientists that visited the site), pterosaurs, sauropterygians, ichthyosaurs, ammonites, trees and loads more critters! Those fossils belong to the cretaceous and not to the Jurassic as I had been told at the beginning. It was quite a surprise for me.