whole smokes, an awesome new blog!!!

wow the guys over at prehistoric insanity have just let their big secret out of the bag!

a whole brand new palaeo-art themed blog called ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule!!!

which if that wasn't cool enough... is written by over 10 of the innerweb's most notorious and talented artists!!!

you totally have to go and check it out people of the web-wide world! here is the link again, you know in case the excitement of reading about this caused you to miss clicking the first one i put up...


Raptor Lewis said...

Oops, my bad! I think I spoiled the surprise by checking your profile. Sorry! didn't know, lol. How WAS I supposed to know that was the surpirse?

Anywho, about that! I need more time. My styracosaurus drawing may need another day or two. One more day to finish it and another day to get it on the computer. Can you talk to Craig about giving me more time. I'm afraid he doesn't like me even though I've been trying to make amends for my word usage ("pressured"). Can we talk about that, you and me?

Thanks, buddy.

Traumador said...

i'm told there is no problem with late entries.

as for the whole "pressure" thing i'd suggest dropping it altogether and moving on.

Raptor Lewis said...

Excellent! It should be soon, I promise (though, I can't say WHEN!).

Alrighty, I will drop that altogether, like you said. Thanks for the reassurance, buddy!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

cool site! I visited it some days ago!