micro fossils vlog style!!!

man, oh man! i knew that returning to my old hometown would dredge up some old memories. little did i realize some of these would be videoized ones!

amy "dug up" this old presentation i did for the badlands sciency camp. the nice folks over at prehistoric insanity have been nice enough to help me turn it into a plog (which i used to call vlogs, but it was pointed out to me that a vlog is typically a moving picture, where mine are just still ones with a voice over. so i figured i needed to give my format a new name... so taaa-da! welcome to my "first" plog!)

this used to be the power point introduction for an educational program where kids at camp would help sort micro fossils for actual scientific research by dr. donald brinkman of the royal tyrrell musuem! you might recognize some of the pictures in it from my first ever big adventure on this blog over 2 years ago!

now of course watching these plogs remember that they were made back when i still worked for the museum, and that a lot has changed in my life since then (in particular how i get along with my cousin larry!)

the reason i'm uploading these in the middle of my recent field work is that i just found a big cache of micro fossils, and rather than retype all this out I thought why not share this great Palaeo FACT! of mine from the old days!

so now that you know you're micros, i can tell you all about my recently found micro site!... next post that is...


Raptor Lewis said...

Actually, I did! Great Video Traum!
You're not a bad teacher! Thanks for the lesson! Can't wait for the next post!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Oh, I liked that plog thing! You are always creating things, even words!

3 weeks waiting for microfossils! oh! that's a good patience exercise.
BTW this is the first time I see stingray teeth!

I liked the soundtracks too. I recognized a few of the (Indy's) tracks but others (like the credits music, the tracks for most 2nd and 3rd videos) escape to my ear skills. You know I'm a sick soundtrack hunter! lol

Cool clips man!

Raptor Lewis said...

As I said, I agree with Dinorider! Great Job! You're creative skills are very impressive, buddy!!

Dinorider- I've never seen the teeth of a manta ray/ sting ray either. That Was cool!
BTW- You're english is great!