alright so as you know i've headed out into the field (thus this auto post... remember i won't be back till the end of next week).

though i am trying to find the lost quarrys of francis slate, i'm just as likely to stumble into all sorts of other cool things here in the badlands.

and stumble i have! well checking around the bottom of a hill i catch glimpse of this spot.

it got me REALLY excited, and hopeful that i was on the edge of a big discovery...

what did i see in the photo that got me really excited? why did seeing these get me excited? and what was i hoping that the thing(s?) i saw were indicating might be close by?

leave your answer in the comments to this post, and check back on feb. 21st when i get back in from the field and announce who was right and who was well... uh less right.

good luck!


Raptor Lewis said...

Either those orange things are rocks, something Slate left behind, or orange peels. I can't really tell what those orange things are. I'd have to get a closer look to tell you, but, I can't thanks to the fact it was from YOUR computer. My guess would be it has something to do with those orange things. Otherwise, I don't know Traum. Although that white-looking streak to the left in the photo looks suspicious. Could it be an exposed fossil? To be honest I'm stumped.

21k said...

Almost looks like broken eggs, or pieces from a field jacket?


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

The first thing my eyes saw were those orange peels (are they?) as if someone had been "working" there "recently", the are many little stones over a ... bigger rocky surface????
I'm sincereley confused about this.