i've been tagged

there seems to be an epidemic going around the innerweb right now. the good news is it is not a virus (phew good thing i got all those shots and boosters during my checkup with professor paradigm, i'm immune to most viruses, hopefully innerweb ones). rather it seems it is a meme.

now i'd never heard of a meme till i got on the web wide world, but ever since i seem to see them often enough.

so far i've been hit with this 6 random things about me meme, by etrilobite, raptor lewis, and the crazy harper.

a while ago i did the 8 random things about me meme, and with my small brain i'm having trouble thinking of any more general random things about me right now. however as i'm back in my old hometown, and i really didn't start blogging till after i left drumheller, why not 6 random facts about the good old days!

though to do this i need a day or two to track down a few old photos. so this is me letting you officially know people of the innerweb I.O.U one 6 random things about my past post. rather than leave you completely hanging here is a preview photo to wet your appetite...

see if you can guess what's going on here back in 2005...


Anonymous said...

I think you should fix the "the crazy harper" link, Tramaudor. Cuz' my blog address is now


and the previous link is dead.

Traumador said...


i was just there on the site today grabbing the link (i go off my favs list and just cut and paste out of my browsers html line).

sorry i'll fix it in a moment here.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

can tyrannosaurids swim???
I had thought they couldn't so they might be rescuing rexie!

Raptor Lewis said...

LOL!!! Larry went along for the ride!! Uh, is Larry walking on the bottom of the river?