something prehistoric is going on...

the guys over at prehistoric insanity have had an idea to overcome extinction, which i think is a pretty fantastic idea!

on march 1st, they are launching a new internet art show called ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule, which will focus on pieces of "art" that feature extinct animals.

they want everyone who is even remotely interested in submitting something. whether it be a drawing, painting, sculpture, and or even interpretive dance... okay maybe not the dance. the rest though would be awesome no matter whether you're a pro or not. i'm planning on entering something, and i'm not artistic at all!

the first "gallery" will be on my favourite food the ceratopsians. so you've got just over a month to get cracking on some art based on the horned dinosaurs.

submissions can either be made at the prehistoric insanity site, or to my email which they have borrowed for this traumador@gmail.com.

even if you don't enter a piece of art, be SURE to check out the gallery on march. 1st! that and the guys at prehistoric insanity tell me there is a big surprise in store to coincide with the kickoff of this new virtual art gallery... wonder what it is?


Raptor Lewis said...

I'm already there, Traum, buddy! I was on Peter Bond's blog and the Prehistoric Insanity site BEFORE you posted this, so I know and I'm game. One question: which ceratopsian do you want me to draw?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hEY! I'm looking forward to seeing all this!