fossil of the weekend! #10

the hadrosaur prosaurolophus posed against a petrified tree at the royal tyrrell museum.


Raptor Lewis said...

Gotta love those "Duck-bills." LOL!!

Love these specimens, Traum! The pics, too, are great!! Keep 'em comin'!

Zach said...

Old-school pose right there.

Traumador said...

raptor- i do love them duckbills. IN MY BELLY!!! lol

zach- yeah it is among the most classic of the tyrell's otherwise modern style mounts. which i think gives it its charm. as though the prosaurolophus isn't my favourite tyrrell mount, i certainly have a soft spot for it.

the stegosaur mount IS old skool in every sense of the term. (the camarosaur was rescued from out datedness due to a refab in 2000 that saw its tail raised off the ground, and its neck lowered).

when the tyrrell was establishing itself in the 80's they traded some albertosaurus and ceratopsian casts with an american museum (i want to say colorado, but i don't remember details)for the jurassic dinos on display. as i understand it the american museum even set pre fabbed mount armitures, and thus the tyrrell recieved out of the box old skool mounts...

i could be wrong on the pre made fab work, but i recall the museum's current caster wasn't happy with the jurassic critters mounts, and that she'd have designed them different if it was up to her (she was mastermind behind the camarosaur upgrade).

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

a classic!!