mr. tyrannosaur goes to the beehive (wellington part 5)

Location: New Zealand Parliament... aka The Beehive
Baskets Left: 3

well despite today's earlier incident with the magically firing cannon, my efforts to get rid of ms. rhonwyn's three ancient maori flax baskets has been going relatively non eventful here in wellington thus far. there had yet to be any signs of my relentless purser whiro, maori god of darkness. that having been said i knew he won't be far off for long. what with these baskets being the kete o te wananga and all (that is to say they are the vessels of all maori mysticism and magic)

my first actual stop in wellington, as per ms. rhonwyn's list, was the new zealand parliament...

having wandered through downtown to get here, the first thing i stumbled into at the capital building was some rather odd stone statues as you'll recall people of the innerweb.

odd is truly the word i'd use for them. an upside down face planted bowling pin.

an ostrich head...

and giant rock banana!

though odd, i should also add people of the web wide world i like odd things. so they were cool. just like i said not something i expected to find around the place where the country was being run from!

just behind the banana i saw the most strange and unique building i'd seen in new zealand. it turns out my observation skills aren't too bad either. as you'll see this is one of the most important places in new zealand as well!

as i tried to get closer to this building i came across some more interesting statues.

they were maori figures... and though it sounds crazy people of the innerweb. they were watching me!

i had a slight sense of tinglyness from magic presence, at least the sensation i've been getting since stupidly exposing myself to the baskets full on essence at pearl harbour. suddenly what had been just a marble carving/statue was slightly alive.

i was freaked for a second, but after a few second it became quite clear these guys were not whiro level animated. in fact only their heads could move, and that was very slowly.

they didn't speak or do anything beyond stare at me.

getting a bit creeped out, and being so close to my destination i decided to push on. especially since this seemed to confirm my theory that the baskets were reacting with wellington. that was the second non specific magic incident this morning!

just beyond the watching statues was the weird building...

it could have come from some futuristic world of star trek or somewhere like that.

this it turns out people of the innerweb is the parliment of new zealand. for some reason they call it this part of the complex the beehive. i'm not sure why. there's definitely no bees, its not made of paper or wood like a real bees hive, and having been in it there isn't even any honey...

there was a lot of older looking buildings attached to the beehive. like the house of representatives.

there was also the parliamentary library. too bad mike wasn't here with me to see it!

now the cool thing about the new zealand parliament is that you can go on free tours of it on weekdays! so guess what i did? duh!

the only drag is you can't take pictures on the tour. so i can't show you much of what i saw, but it is a cool tour, and definitely worth its cost ;p

basically what i learned is that human politics are way more complicated than tyrannosaur pack dynamics. you mammals have so many complicated rules and procedures to figure out stuff. in t-rex society the biggest and strongest boss everyone around until someone stronger kicks them out of the pack (usually girls... in tyrannosaurs their the bigger ones).

anyways at the end of the tour nothing weird or different had happened due to the baskets.

emerging from the building i discovered a few last note worthy things.

one was this cool plaque of captain james cook the first englishman to explore new zealand.

than there was the war monument with a guy perched on a horse a million feet off the ground. boy that must be a scary job... won't want to be him. though think of the exercise carrying that horse up and down every day!

so that was one thing off the list down, but i had several more to go. wellington AGAIN is a big city people of the innerweb.

to be continued...

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