a big city... for new zealand anyway (wellington part 2)

Location: Wellington
Baskets Left: 3

alright so there's a lot of news going on here now people of the innerweb. a new city, with new museums, on a new island. it's almost too much for my small brain to take in!

my task of dispensing with these artifact maori baskets for my boss ms. rhonwyn is still as confusing and non straight forward as ever...

it of course doesn't help that whiro, the maori god of darkness, managed to track me down in picton and prevented me from taking the maori flax artifacts to all the museums there like i was supposed to.

however being here on the north island of new zealand in the capital city has filled me with new energy and gusto for the task!

the ocean front is very neat i must start by saying. reminds me of vancouver, and all the stuff going on there.

one thing wellington has over vancouver is the sea birds that fly around here!

wellington is known as the windy city (at least here in new zealand...), and boy i can see why.

it has the one benefit though, which is giving big sea birds the help they need to fly.

meaning you get things like this gannet flying real close to land. awesome is all i have to say!

at first glance wellington is a lot like dunedin... it has the same rolling hills making up the landscape, and nice old buildings like churches and the like.

at the same time it is a LOT different than dunedin in that it has REAL skyscrapers!

i haven't seen a proper skyscraper since i left canada...

wellington has enough of them for me to say safely it is a real city!

another thing wellington has a lot of is neat art and sculptures scattered throughout.

this flying saucer at first has me quite concerned about little green men, and invasion. than when it was apparent none of that B movie stuff was going down i thought wow i'm famous! than the x-files occurred to me... was i going to be hunted by a conspiracy for knowing too much???

than a bunch of people walked by it unconcerned, and it hit me... just a statue... darn. wouldn't it have been neat if it was real?... okay come to think of it (with my small brain) maybe i have enough weird on my plate at moment...

these sculptures were my favourite... it is nice to see a city that cares about kaijū... sorry that's large monsters in japanese...

these blocks are clearly braille for blind kaijū to help them navigate and rampage about wellington... that's just darn touching, and a sound investment by the city to attract some larger prehistoric residents. especially with the retirement of the godzilla franchise. where are all those poor homeless elderly monsters going to go now?

why wellington of course! i'm going to have to write the city council a letter to applaud their tolerance of monsters and their foresight for establishing the infrastructure to support them!

like always on this quest i arrived in wellington way too late to hit the museums and sites on my list today. so tomorrow morning i'll be up nice and early to hit them as soon as possible.

unlike all the other places i've been wellington REALLY lightens up at night!

with all the bright shiny pretty things it was a miracle i managed to get myself to the hotel and into bed at a reasonable hour...

i had a lot of museums and sites to check out here in the capital. good thing i caught up on my sleep...

to be continued...

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