invasion of the sphereiods! (wellington part 8)

Location: Wellington Water Front
Baskets Left: 3

the quest to get rid of these three artifacts baskets goes on. having just left the wellington city and sea museum i was on my way to the new zealand museum of museums! te papa.

on my way though i noticed yet another aspect of wellington that leads me to suspect it is actually the covert launching point of an alien invasion (the other evidence being here and here).

walking from the one end of the water front back to the other i noticed some sculptures that initially seemed innocent enough...

until they popped up again a bit further down the front...

and AGAIN!

these spheres were just like an alien invader off something like dr. who... they sit ideally by for now, and than when the time is right SHWA BAMMO! doom to the earthlings!

sadly no one i tried to tell this believed me! all according to their evil round plan!!!

fortunately getting my peanut sized dis tractable sized brain back on the task i was here to do, was my destination. the national museum of new zealand. te papa...

what a museum it was too!

to be continued... in te papa!

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