delving into downtown (wellington part 4)

Location: Wellington Downtown
Baskets Left: 3

well as if these three maori baskets couldn't get any weirder on me! not only do they irradiate pure magic, but apparently they cause impossible things... like oh i don't know, firing off a completely inactive cannon!!!

at moment no one is blaming the explosion downtown on me... but knowing my luck they could change their minds anytime now... all i have to say ms. rhonwyn owes me a LOT of vacation for this little mission of hers!

at least there is still no sign of whiro or any other maori mythical creatures...

part of the reason no one is pinning the cannon discharge on me (apart from the fact that if not for the basket's magic it physically couldn't have happened!) is that i didn't stick around the scene of the "crime"... though remember people of the innerweb i didn't do anything wrong!
i had to get these baskets to some of the locations on the list. something about wellington was causing them to go haywire! they had never affected anything apart from me on the trip so far. i was hoping that meant wellington was full of mana, the maori concept of cosmic authority, which would cause the baskets to leave... however it was that they did that.

so back down the rather large ridge surrounding downtown i had to go. this took me right beside the cable car track. i figured a few more pictures of it for you people of the web wide world won't hurt.

i opted not to take the cable car for sake of keeping a low profile. that and if suddenly the police showed up i could dash off into the bush... i don't think they'd buy my story of maori magic causing the incident earlier this morning (fortunately no cops showed up...)

wandering back into town i was struck YET again by, you guessed it people of the innerweb... say it with me: "just how big wellington was compared to dunedin"... there wasn't that fun to say together ;p

i also thought it was cool how they'd built skyscrapers into the side of the giant hill. i'd never seen anything like it in a city. most cities i'd been to in fairness were not built by such big hills.

speaking of the hill, it is NOT a fun climb down let me tell you people of the innerweb! just look at all the switchback stairs i had to head down (see if you can spot me in this pic... i'm in there promise).

getting to the bottom i found a shocking surprise a crashed UFO!!! i freaked out for a second expecting the occupants to spring forth their invasion... wait a second... i'd already been here and done that! stupid brain the size of a peanut!

now that i was finally back on the "ground" level of wellington and wandering downtown i set out for my first location on the list... the new zealand parliament.

on route there was plenty of new cool art and sculptures i hadn't seen last night.

many of them were ocean or fish themed.

here was yet more evidence of wellington being prime for giant japanese monsters or kaijū. a giant mussel. typically you don't get giant mutant innocent critters unless there's an even bigger deadly mutant critter running around. if you don't believe me check out godzilla 1985 with huge sea louse, rodan with giant cockroaches, or in the case of the original godzilla king of monsters simply a normal sized harmless extinct trilobite!

some of the buildings in wellington were a little confused as to what they were. i know they call cities the urban jungle, but this building is taking it a little too seriously.

than i saw something that made me rethink my whole stance on that UFO being just a statue... a alien tripod!!!

it was an invasion and we earthlings had fallen for it!!!

ducking behind a lamp post i waited for the scenes of carnage and destruction to unfold around me, just like in the movies...

after nothing had happened for a few minutes i opened my eyes and realized the tripod hadn't moved. it was a statue too...

nasty trick wellington! is that your way of trying to fend off godzilla? aliens tend to just attract giant monsters!

i finally arrived at a lawn full of weird stone statues which was just a block from my destination. the new zealand parliament.

i don't even understand what human politics are or about (i know a thing or two about dinosaur pack politics, but craig used to tell me when i was younger despite how brutal tyrannosaur interactions are their nothing compared to humans!), but here i was at new zealand's key place of such things.

time see if i could learn a few things.

to be continued...

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