hopes for 08

oops i missed new years.

don't get me wrong people of the web wide world. i'm not complaining, whining, or dredging for sympathy. it's just a statement of fact. i missed new years...

it didn't occur to me that it was a new year till i got back to work today and noticed the new number behind the january. kinda funny.

rather than let this bum me out like i've been letting everything else lately, i decided to go have a post celebration on my own, right after work.

the nice part about living in a big park is that your home has lots of nice pretty places to go chillaxate on your own for any occasion.

for my almost new year i decided on a slight out of the way segment of the garden i call grassy flat. why? well its flat and made of grass. making it appealing was the amazing view of downtown dunedin past the university (my home home is on the other side of the garden so i normally don't get this view).

making this the perfect spot was a nice bench i could plunk down on after not only a hard days work (well okay the security guard gig has been slow as of late. especially with ms. rhonwyn being away and not giving me new duties for my promotion), but also a hard year.

as i sat down it occurred to me what a year 2007 had been...

the year started off almost instantly with my smuggling myself into new zealand to try and get away from the dinosaur over crowding of north america.

though that part of the plan worked the government gave me those crazy criteria i had to meet including finding a home and getting a job.

fortunately i liked my job, and loved my new home.

i made some friends too.

it seemed everything was going to be just fine, and i might live happily ever after here in dinosaur-less new zealand. why is it those kinds of ends only happen in the movies though?

i ask because it was everything started to go kinda wrong...

i found out that i choose to live right on the edge of a legendary and dangerous maze inhabited by ghost lights!

than the destroyer of all hope destroyers showed up... larry. my JERK! of a cousin.

living all the progress i'd made in new zealand pretty much mute.

which is where i am here at the beginning of 2008. stranded in this far away land with the pieces of a great life i'd almost built for myself...

you might think this got me a little depressed people of the innerweb, and to be honest had my view at that moment been different it might have been my reaction. however the most amazing sight greeted my acknowledging the new year...

a beautiful sunset. one that was unbelievably gorgeous. yet painful to look at. the beams of light the sun throw out were too much for my eyes.

as the sun made it's way slowly below the horizon, and the light eased on my teary sore eyes, i realized something. that sunset was the last manifestation of 2007 (well in my slight behind the times world anyway).

just like the sun my life in new zealand was both magnificent, but more modernly painful. yet these things go away, like the sun, with the passage of time.

i'd sorta started to try and leave behind all the bad of larry's visit recently (what with the fishing , and learning to talk to birds), but i hadn't thought about the future. i'd only been thinking about the present. considering what i know of how time really works (in the geologic sense of the clock) this was foolish stance of me to take...

i needed some new years revolutions... er... what was that word craig and dan used to use during new years back in drumheller ? anyways some goalish like things to try and do from here on in.

hmmmm guess i'll need to make a list than...

first off i'm going to over feeling sorry for myself, and move beyond larry's visit

B. try and get things going at work, and make them expand my job as per my promotion

3. start working on some of my political goals. in particular dinosaur/human relations. how or what is beyond me. as it's a goal i can just start thinking about it for now...

5. post more often on my blog. things got a little busy in 07, and i sometimes only posted a few times a month. this tells me i wasn't having enough fun, as i love roaming the web wide world. so more posts means i'm having more fun!

uh looking at my list i might also add a goal of being a better list maker too.

okay so here we go. a new year. full of new oppurtunities, but let's face it be up front probably a lot more challanges and snags. key i guess is rather than think of it a year at a time, go one day at a time...

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The Ridger, FCD said...

Happy New Year, Traumador!