finally leaving invercargill...

Location: Invercargill

Baskets Left: 3

having just finished up hitting the southland museum it's time to move on in my quest across new zealand.

all i had to do was make it back to my car. only trick was it was on the other side of the botanic garden.

have to say their main gates on as impressive as the dunedin botanic garden's.

as i made my way through the garden i made a rather exciting find.


man i do love my fountains! not that these two were extremely crazy, but they were nice solid classic style units.

i also appreciate the variation they both had in the basin. shoke things up a bit when viewing the two side by side.

their botanic garden seems to have yet another similarity with dunedin's garden. there are peter pan themed statues all over the place. dunedin's have those too. weird. i wonder if all botanic gardens in new zealand must have peter pan in them to count as a botanic garden...

which is weird. i thought botanic meant plants or something. not pan?

they also had some cool other statues. like a new zealand harrier.

two weird lions.
and two sea lions doing um... well something i don't think is appropriate for such a public place

(check out funny behind the scenes photos of this statue at Prehistoric Insanity)

after this fun light walk i made it to the car. off on the road again.

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The Ridger, FCD said...

They have some nice looking statues there, indeed.

I'm looking forward to your next stop.