the end of new zealand!

Location: Bluff
Baskets Left: 3

back on the road again, in my attempt to get rid of these flax baskets for my boss ms. rhonwyn. i just spent yesterday in invercargill at the southland museum. while i was in this area i figured i might as well take a quick 30 minute detour south to the lowest part of mainland new zealand.


what a nice set up they've got here for people like me popping by to check out the end of the south island...

they've got a nice little observation... uh i don't know what you'd call it?... standy up look from thing.

the walk up has got some cool volcanic rock sticking out i couldn't help but notice...

boy you sure had to walk to get up to the top as it loopedy loops around and around, but i guess that's the only way to go up that high.

at the top you see the true last place in new zealand... stewart island. so although i'm not technically the furthest south you can be in new zealand i can see it from here.

stewart island would be a super cool place to head over too. there's very few people living there, and it is thus an amazing natural preserve. all sorts of birds and animals that are endangered or going extinct here on mainland new zealand live a sheltered mammal free existence. kiwis and tuatara's being key examples of such locals to stewart island.

it's just too bad there's no museum there or else i might've gotten to head over there. boo!

getting down the... uh standy looky place thing... it needs a proper name! anyways on my way back to the car i noticed people standing at one end of the parking lot...

well i had to get in on the fun. so over i wandered.

also enjoying the awesome coast i had to walk by (as you'll see in the picture).

the draw of everyone's attention... a big direction sign. i guess unlike me these people didn't come prepared with maps (granted ms. rhonwyn was the one who provided me with them) and were lost...

only uh these were really far away places! in fact the only one that was remotely accessible from new zealand was stewart island which was almost within swimming distance...

man i had no idea humans were so bad in telling geography apart. why you'd need both a direction and distance to new york city here in the southern hemisphere is beyond me!

oh well fortunately i know where i'm off to next... hopefully i'll be able to loss some of these baskets on the way!

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