towering calgary (information part 1)

i left drumheller on the 25th. everyone suddenly disappeared on that day for some reason... i was a little creeped out by it, but as i'd already caught up with all of them anyways, and i had a new lead for a possible future i HAD to get moving on... i hit the road

my destination calgary... the fastest growing city in alberta. also the closest big city to drumheller too.

i'd been here a few times in my childhood. craig was born here, and he'd came back into town often to see his family. back when he was still taking care of me he'd bring me along.

i can say this... calgary is a very different kind of city then those i visited in BC...

why did i come here to calgary you might ask... good question!

for a minute this morning i forgot myself... one of the draw back of my peanut sized brain and all...

as a result i was attracted to the coolest thing i could see... and what is cooler in calgary then the calgary tower? to be honest not much...

though this wasn't my actual goal it was definitely cool checking it out!

i just should have stuck to exploring outside. cause when i ventured inside things got a little more interesting then i cared for!

walking in the lobby of the calgary tower i came face to face with an albertosaurus... not just any albertosaurus either. a tyrrell museum employed one!

he was here to prompt the museum to tourists in calgary, since drumheller is only an hour and a half away from the city...

the problems began when he spotted me... i was a dinosaur intruding on his turf. worse i was a "big" meat eater like himself (i say big in the classification sense... as we t-rexs being related to albertosaurus are big too... bigger then him in fact... just if your a t-rex other then me!!!). making the whole situation boil over though was the fact i was in a tyrrell uniform... mental note to self need to get a new uniform!

instantly the albertosaur entered into an all too familiar territoriality stance... just like EVERY other dinosaur i'd encountered these past 4 months!

it was the usual type stuff he started roaring at me...

why are you here? i was told i'd get to keep this gig for sure! back off get your own job! i'm five times your size tiny, the museum won't replace me with you. you're not even a raptor!

now i've given up on trying to make dinosaurs like me at this point in my travels. it's not their fault i'm realizing.

1. i'm a t-rex. theoretically the king of all dinosaurs. nobody likes the "man". especially since we have some real jerks in our ranks... like my cousin larry! he really doesn't help make us rexs look all that great. well okay except in king kong. that was a really sympathizable performance he gave, but that's it! well and at the end of jurassic park. oh and in all the BBC stuff he's done. okay okay in the movies larry is pretty good... just take my word for it. in real life he's a JERK!

B. i'm SO small that being the aforementioned t-rex is made worse. everyone hates us to begin with. when you don't have the terror or menace that's part of your sterotype people take advantage of the situation. especially other theropods (meat eating dino for you none science people out there)... i just wish they'd see me for the nice little guy i am...

4. it's a tough world for us dinosaurs. added to the fact it's an eat or be eaten existence for us at the best of times this whole being extinct thing has added to our competitive nature. jobs are scarce. museums and theme parks are only looking for the best of the best. due to our bad public image and reputation from various portrayals in the movies and in the media (again see my cousin larry... what a JERK!) humans are reluctant to give us jobs or places in societies removed from a locked away environment such as again museum or theme park. which means that any other dinosaur that shows up is trouble. cause their inevitably going to be after your job...

so that's why when i returned to drum this month i'd realized i needed to make a clean break, and find a place without dinosaurs. which it would turn out is NOT the calgary tower.

i had a very very upset albertosaur. i didn't want to upset him anymore. also i didn't want him to call the museum as he was threatening to do. last thing i needed was to get in more trouble there.

so i just left the tower. which is kinda sad. i did kinda want to go up and look out over the town.

i did remember just then why i was in town though, and where i should really heading. not the calgary tower, but the university library... there i was going to find the ONE man who could help me find the answers i seek!

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