why have i been stopping?

well people of the innerweb i'm still on my way out of BC. i guess it makes sense that after it taking 2 months to get into it that it's taking me a few days to get out.

i do really want out though. it hasn't been anywhere near as much fun (or safe...) here in BC now that i'm leaving. today i got to a place called goldy-on.

man i'm getting sick of mother nature mimicing my mood with the weather. it's all cloudy and depressing STILL! more to the point it has been snowing now and then as i drive. i may be warm blooded, but i don't have feathers like other coelurosaurs... sure hope it's warm in alberta when i get back...

oh course i needed to pull over again like a few days ago in the enchanted forest... i really didn't want to after that whole ordeal... but i'd get stranded if i didn't get gas... so i gave in to my stupid car... should have known better!

after filling up my car, and picking up a snack for the road i placed my twinkies down on a bench for just a sec. when i turned around it was like a nightmare... not one, not three, not zero, but TWO bears were suddenly there fighting for my twinkies!!!

to be honest i was terrorified! these guys are almost as scary as vampires or ghosts...

now if i were a big t-rex this probably won't scare me so much. my mom for example weighs as much as both these guys, and could easily take them (but don't let the fact she's a girl throw you off... with we dinos the females are the really scary ones!). i on the other hand, well weigh as much as one of their whiskers... uh if bears have whiskers?

anyways i did the only thing that seemed right for the situation... i ran as fast as i could jumped in my car, and hide underneath my sleeping blankets! call me a coward if you must, but you're not the one tending to dragon fire burns!

after an hour of hiding i popped my head up to see no signs of bears that alone my twinkies... with the coast clear i took off.

it's alberta of bust now!!! no more stopping in BC if i can help it...

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noah eckenrode said...

Tram, the best way to prevent a bear attack is to play dead.