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welcome to my people tracking centre!

one thing i've been noticing in my life (and thus on my blog) is that i keep running into a lot of "people" (human, dinosaur, or other!). keeping track of them was getting to be too much to handle (especially on the blog, with some people having 20+ posts!). i decided to keep better track of the individuals i keep seeming to run into...

so i give you my new people tracking dossier! i have a file folder on everyone i know here (though please excuse the mess... i'm not big on organizing things in the "traditional" way). for your benefit i've begun transferring the contents of these onto the web so you can keep track of everyone too!

at moment i'm still working on getting these file folders up on the web, so please be patient while i update this with all the people who keep showing up here in my Tyrannosaur Chronicles...

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FILE: Craig

out of everyone (and everything) i know, craig is probably the most important in my life ever. for without him i would have no life at all!

for you see craig was the human that discovered me...

on the fateful day of august. 16 2003, craig headed out into the badlands of alberta exploring for fossils. on this day he came across my nest as the site my mother had been discovered at many years earlier. 

in the rush to remove my mom from the ground, the dig team missed my nest, which craig found returning to the site several decades later. there were many other eggs in the clutch, but unlike the rest of my prehistoric brothers and sisters, i hatched!!!

craig brought me back to his work place the royal tyrrell museum, the only museum in canada to specialize in palaeontology (making it the perfect place to bring me!). when it became obvious that little hatchling me was going to need more attention and care than a normal fossil specimen, craig volunteered to become my legal guardian and be responsible for my upbringing.

as a result i grew up more like a human than a tyrannosaur. man those were good times...

i had a great childhood thanks to craig...

sadly all good things come to an end. due to the aging difference between us tyrannosaurs and humans, i hit my teens within a couple years. i wish i could say i was an easy guy to get along with back in those days, but it really wasn't the case... i am a tyrannosaur afterall.

i quickly drove craig, and our roommate dan, crazy. after they tried (very reasonable) to accomadate the new me, it was decided i HAD to go!!!
craig got me a job at the royal tyrrell museum... well at least he came up with the idea. you can watch the movie of how it happened here.

i did all sorts of odd jobs in the museum (odd in ever sense of the word too!). i even ended up working with craig at the badlands science camp! those were good times too... i just didn't realize it at the time :(

a little while later i was fired from the museum while craig decided he was going to move... (though i never did find out why? he'd had such a good run at the tyrrell, to suddenly leave. it was weird)

anyways he was moving to new zealand, and as i was looking for a place with no dinosaurs i decided to tag along... not that craig knew i was. which turned out to be a problem!

reunited in new zealand we hung out a bit like we used to.

yet craig was more distant than before. almost like there was a weight of some sort on his shoulders (and not me for once?).

again things ended badly between us. this time it was not entirely my fault... well okay it was, but my cousin larry put some bad ideas into my head.

you see my cousin had showed up for an unannounced visit, which turned out to be his attempt at recruiting me into the pack of the primoridal feather. he got me rather wound up on my tyrannosaur heritage.

when craig got wind of larry being in town he showed up to try and help keep me out of the pack (though how he knew about the pack is another question i have about my legal guardian?)

in true small brained fashion i instead, of listening to craig, lashed out at him. again larry had put some bad ideas in my head, not that is a good excuse.

this really hurt craig's feelings. which when i think of the mean things i said to the man who gave up 3 years of his life to make sure i had a good start, i can see why.

anyways he kicked me out while the angeriest i've ever seen him...

in the end whole thing with larry turned out okay at least. i realized, based on something craig said, that the pack was bad news. so i turned down their offer.

before i could go back and aplogize to craig, he just disappeared! he'd packed up and left the country...

to this very day i have no idea where craig has gone. i've heard rumours he might be working for professor paradigm, but i have no way of knowing for sure (at least for now!).

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If I told you one of my longest and dearest friends was a Dinosaur, I'm sure it would come as no surprise. However if I told you that friend was one of my ancestral prey a horned Ceratopsian, would you believe me?

Whether you do or do not, it is true! That Ceratopsian is Norman. Norman A. Centrosaur.

Much like me, Norman was born in Alberta Canada, and was brought up in Drumheller. Also much like me he never fit in with his kind, and as of such we became really good friends early on... Before either of us was old enough to know why our hanging out together was frowned on by the rest of the world.

A Tyrannosaur and a Ceratopsian being friends was intolerable to both our kinds. Yet we paid them no heed. We found each other far more enjoyable company than our relatives.

In fact those early years with Norman were some of the happiest of my life. It wasn't all fun and games (though we did play alot back then as hatchlings) but there was some seriousness too. We used to philosophise about the nature of being a modern Dinosaur, and how all we vivus-Dinosaurs had to adapt to surivive in the human world.

Sadly like all childhoods ours came to an end all too soon... All the other Ceratopsians, who have formed a group they call ("imaginatively") The Herd, finally had had enough of Norman hanging out with their once appex predator, and sent Norman away...
He didn't get sent all that far from Drumheller, and ended up at the Calgary Zoo (however I would myself end up departing for far away lands).

At the zoo Norman had a pretty easy, but boring job. He was a "living billboard" for the Tyrrell at the Zoo.

Yet at the same time, as the only Dinosaur there with none of the staff knowing how to speak any Saurian, Norman was pretty bored there. The real kicker is that no one working at the Zoo knows Norman's actual name, and he has a dozen nicknames at the place. 

After several years of losing touch with him I finally managed to track Norman down again. It was awesome catching up with him.
Taking Norman's number out of my phone, my special talent agent Peter Bond, recruited my longtime friend to
join Team Canada in the very insane Dinosaur Winter OH-lympics.
 Sadly Norman didn't get along with our other teammate, Lillian the Albertosaur. Just my luck, my old best friend doesn't get along with the girl of my dreams!

Anyways, it is great having my childhood friend back in my life. Who knows what crazy adventures we will have together in the future?

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