foggy road (smoke part 2)

23.2 million BC

well the blocks may not be close together, but their still coming.

the fog is getting worse. i'm assuming this is because our understanding of the BCs is so hazy...

as you can see from this photo i snapped from the car though it's starting to make driving tricky.

i have no idea what's causing it though. maybe i'm getting close to the extinction event, and on the other side will be 65 million BC!


getting hazy (smoke part 1)

18 million BC

driving through generic nowhere BC. just a few blocks here and there, but they add up! too bad though. i was hoping after all the blocks i found the last few days around the okanagon i'd be done by now. oh well

not much has happened the last couple days... has me a little weirded out actually. life has been so crazy and jam packed lately... the universe must be planning something.

only weird thing is all this mist or fog or haze or fog or veil or mist or vapor or fog or smog or fog or nog or dog or fog or cloud or smoke or fog... AHHHHH okay whatever it is it is making seeing the pretty landscape of BC harder to see. makes it like a video game though with the landscape appearing out of the haze

wonder what it is and where it is coming from?


weird still following me!

14.759 million BC... there are a lot of blocks in this area i'm in! hope the next few are just as good! then i can stop driving...

well today some more weird stuff popped it's headup. fortuently just its head, and only in picture form.

while driving through the okanagan valley counting all the streets throughout it (boy is it a long lake with like 12 towns and cities) on my way out through the southern most city called osoyoos i came across a giant picture of what looked like a dinosaur!?!

upon closer inspection i discovered that this was in fact a portrait of the o-go-pogo-stick. a strange creature that for the most part is unknown just like BIG FEET...

unlike BIG FEET though this critter doesn't steal booze. rather appears in real fuzzy or blurry photos that look like otters or logs...

some say it's just an otter. others think it's a surgeon, though why they haven't then steaked out the local hospitals i don't know! while a few think it is a prehistoric beast like a plesiosaur!

if it is this last one then i MUST be getting closer to 65 million BC and the dinosaurs!


great name for a hotel...

4. 675 million BC

well i've made it to BC trail today. odd looking path though i have to say, more like a town then a trail through BC...

now that i'm getting further back in BC i figured i'd start looking to see if they needed a dinosaur around these parts. i might get sick of being back home in 65 million after all, and it never hurts to check.

after asking a few of the locals if there was indeed an opening for a dinosaur, they all told me to check on main street at the hotel...

when i got there it was no ordinary hotel, but one called the REX hotel! had i miscounted the streets... was i already at 65 million BC?!?

well it turns out not.

walking into the hotel the guy sitting behind the desk looked up from his computer, and then resumed typing... then just like it was a movie his glance zipped back up to me in disbelief. "you're... you're a tyrannosaur." he said.

i was like "you betcha! you guys won't happen to need a mascot for your hotel would ya?"

"i sure do! that's why we had the name of the place changed to rex. not only to attract dinosaur tourists, but a dinosaur too!" he replied

cool i thought. if 65 million doesn't work out then this place is a great backup!

he had something he wanted to show me in the back... as we went i suddenly wasn't sure about this place. there were heads of all kinds of animals on the walls. as we came around to the dining room i suddenly realized why he hadn't already got a t-rex to be his mascot...

on the wall was a big plaque ready to mount a stuffed head, and underneath it said "tyrannosaurus rex"!!! i turned around to see him sharpening his knife! i had to think fast... which didn't happen! stupid brain the size of a peanut.

fortuently just as i was about to meet my end an old lady shouted from behind "what are doing? your father said he wanted a tyrannosaurus rex! not this little lizard!"

"i am a tyrannosaur!" i retorted. man was i mad... wait a minute. that wasn't very bright. man got to remember when they say i'm a lizard i say YES!

well the lady, i guess kinfe guys mom, didn't take my correction to well. she suddenly started hitting me with a broom, and chased me out of the hotel!

well that kinda swepted away my high spirits. all i have to say is fellow tyrannosaurs don't goto the rex hotel!!!


tribute to rodan

1.9 million BC

well i've finally made it into the millions!

after all the craziness of the last few days it was nice to have an uneventful day i must say!

the driving was good and not insane for the brain. so good in fact i was able to keep count of the streets as i went by!

i'm now ending my day of driving... i don't like to drive at night. i've seen enough horror movies to know your asking for trouble if your in the middle of no where in the middle of the night!

there is a really cool thing near the little gas station i'm parking at overnight. a giant metal statue of rodan... just check it OUT! it's crazy!!!

good sign of my trip back into BC! giant prehistoric monsters... not quite dinosaurs yet, but getting closer!


ramming speed

919 229 BC

the quest for 65 million continues. nearly 1/65th of the way there!

today there is yet more problems. fortunently a lot more understandable, and less weird then big feet.

driving through the mountains leading up to a place called salmo i encountered a sign unlike any i'd seen before...

Seeing this first one "watch for mountain sheep" i was like OKAY! i like spotting animals!

Then right after it the watch sign there was another one. it looked like it wanted to be a beware of deer sign only the artist had taken some lisence with the picture...

so i was to be on the lookout for mountain sheep, and of course make sure i didn't run over a deer in the process...

for the first few kilometers (and 5 more blocks added to the BC total!) there wasn't anything. no mountain sheep, no deer. i was feeling kinda mislead...

then suddenly WHAM!!! something nailed the side of my car... nearly sending me off the road!

as i corrected my car i caught a glimpse of the impactor in my rearview...it was a ram.

before i had time to say "why'd a ram hit me?" WHAM!!! followed by another WHAM!!!

them stupid things were pouring down the mountain sides from all directions...

i hit the peddle to the metal... realizing that doing so with my bicycle didn't do anything, i instead applied more gas.

it wasn't enough. though the majority of the rams were missing me some were cleverly just running to the road ahead of me resulting in my catching up with them WHAM!!!

just outside of salmo i'd had enough. i pulled my car over. there standing right by the town's sign was a great grey ram... their champion!

well i won't bore you with the details of the ensuing battle of wills. needless to say due to my writing this i prevailed...

the other rams immediately backed away when i rode down the street on the back of their conqueored warrior.

don't try this at home kids. i can grow my teeth back. you can't. so drive safe...

as part of that definately read the road signs!


a weather balloon in creston?!?

63 729 BC... now we're getting somewhere!

well today i passed through a town called creston. it is located in the middle of mountains, and was a very pretty place.

however as i drove through this town little did i know that i was about to see something that would change me life forever... or at least that day... uh maybe that afternoon?

i stopped off at a local park to have my lunch. happily i munched away oblivious to the fact that just meters away in the parking lot a terrible creature was lurking about...

taking a quick look back at my car in the middle of eating i suddenly noticed what i thought was a guy in a really furry coat. which would have made some sense considering how far into BC i'd made it. i should be hitting a town of nothing but cavemen soon.

this was NO caveman though, and it had just gotten into my car... i've got to remember to lock the doors more!!!

it grabbed something out of my car, and then proceeded to book it away at a reasonable speed.

not knowing what it had taken from me i headed over to investigate. it had stolen the case of beer happy hans had given me as a parting gift yesterday!

i took to my heels (well toes technically... we dinosaurs don't really use our heels when we walk or run...) after the beer stealing beast!

it had gotten enough of a head start that it had gotten around a fence. due to my small arm size, and just general overall size i was unable to climb the fence. the beast got away.

not before i was able to snap this picture though... at first i couldn't believe my eyes. i'd taken a picture of the loch ness monster! then i realized that i was looking at me in the picture... on the other side of the fence though i'd captured unquestionable proof of BIG FEET!

i fired off an email as fast as i could to world renowned paranormal expert Professor Paradigm to see what he had to say about my photo...

while i waited to hear back from the professor i decided to look more into big feet. after asking around i finally found a nice guy named mr. ranger. he knew a lot about big feet or... uh i think he called it a sats squash.

they prowl the mountains of BC hunting for unwary victims and their booze... when the prey least suspects it SWABAMO! the big feet steal unguarded alcohol... sounds like my encounter alright!

hearing that my beer had just been stolen mr. ranger suddenly got really excited, and decided to try and track down the monster. when i asked if there was any chance i'd see my beer again all mr. ranger had to say was "dare to dream. dare to dream."

that kinda ended that investigation. though it reminds me i HAVE to look into the mystery of the crowsnest triangle and the littlest church next time i'm around drumheller...

to end off this fiasco i got a reply from the professor... you can check it out below

he says big feet was a weather balloon, but that was no weather balloon!!!


happy hans (kimberly part 4)

3740 BC

well need to be on my way. still a lot of BC to get through before i reach 65 million...

however in my effort to get out of kimberly i came across who must be the most bavarian guy in town.

his name is happy hans, and i caught chilling out in front of the bavarian city mining railway centre. the name happy couldn't be anymore appropriate for the guy. though i'd say his middle name better be drunk or it's kinda false advertising...

i mean the guy was so tanked that he was balancing on an old cement strute from the train track...

but he had a nice big mug of ale... and has invited me to share it with him. so i think i'm going to take him up on this, as i may never be back this way again, and wait to leave kimberly till tomorrow. after all one shouldn't drink and drive... OH NO i've been drinking water in the car! oh man i could be in a lot of trouble!!!

best part of bavaria! (kimberly part 3)

3722 BC... oops i back tracked a little! got to make sure not to do this too often.

so on my way back to my car, which was still of course sitting just outside the platzl, i stumbled into the coolest thing ever. a REALLY sweet fountain!!!

now i don't know if you people of the innerweb know this or not, but fountains are one of my favirite things ever! their just so joyful and energic and full of life... well if water was alive... or if it had feelings... or had electricity... uh what was i talking about?

anyways there on the platzl they had this really COOL one that came out from all these rocks... it was so awesome!

i'll have to compliment uncle alex on his people's good taste in waterworks!

bear hug... (kimberly part 2)

3724 BC

well after having checked out the platzl i can safely say it is exactly 3 blocks. phew that's a relief! only 64,996,276 more to go!

on my way back towards the car i bumped into a big black bear. he looked mean and scary... i naturally being the brave t-rex i am stood my ground before this beast (after desperately trying to find a hiding place or gun!) ... i pleaded with it to not kill me, and proceeded to tell it my whole ordeal of the last 2 months...

turns out she's a nice bear, and is just a greeter at a convience store on the platzl. she felt really sorry from me, and tried to cheer me up. man i've got bear's all wrong. at least alpian rockie bavarian canadian bears!

did i leave the continent? (kimberly part 1)

3721 BC... man i'm making some progress

today i made it to a place called kimberly. it may still a little earlier then my goal of 65 million BC, but this place was definitely stopping to check out...

to get here you have to head up a loop on the highway that puts you through some real nice and scenic mountains... i won't have headed up, but i wanted to make sure that i didn't miss any block here in BC... otherwise my count could be way off, and i'd miss 65 million

however in kimberly there was a few blocks that i couldn't drive by cause they were enclosed in a weird square complex of buildings... i again didn't want to miss a single block so i pulled into the big parking lot outside this "Platzl". the only way into the middle of the platzl was through a cool, but kinda retro tunnel... you're never going to believe what i found!

it was a ancient european type village. just like a place called bavaria in germany (i looked it up on the innerweb!)... my uncle alex would love it here. it's just like his old homeland... only here in canada... oh and it's a lot smaller... uh and they don't speak german... oh and he's not here....

it was kinda weird there were even people walking around in lederhosen which was kinda weird. i thought you only wear those when you needed to yodel for cough medicine?

not quite what i expected to find on my trip back into the BCs. though it is evidence my trip is working... an old skool alps village is definately closer to Dino times then sharwood was!

one last fun note was an advertisement for a bavarian blog! i'll have to remember check that out once i'm done exploring kimberly!


they didn't build them like this!

i've curently managed to make it to 564 BC.

it is in a place called sparwood. it's no where near my goal of 65 million BC, but has one cool point of interest i had to check out. it may not be a dinosaur, but it is big enough to be one!

here in sparwood they have a thing called the Terex Titan... which is one letter off from being a t-rex i might point out! it's a giant GIANT tonka truck

and boy do i mean GIANT! it was so big that i had to bite it to make sure i wasn't dreaming... or was it supposed to bite me? hmmmm

but based on this i know i must be getting closer to where we dinosaurs came from... why else would they have built a big tonka like this? not like you can do anything with them but play with them, and who else is big enough to play with a tonka this big?!?

well onto 565 BC... man i sure hope i get into the millions soon... counting this high is starting to hurt my brain!


going back to BC!

okay i got it people of the innerweb!

the answer was so simple... i've heard it a gazillion times... it just took me a while to figure out what the answer meant... kinda like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy i knew the answer, but not the question

so people at the museum kept saying we tyrannosaurs come from "65 million BC", right.

well then it's easy i'm going there! that way i can get in touch with my roots, and hopefully find a place where i'll fit in.

it wasn't the easiest to figure out. that is till i realized that i don't live all that far from BC. the trick will be to find the 65th million block in it!

so my quest officially began this morning when I entered BC... I'm still a long way from 65 million BC mind you, but I did encountered the first block in BC putting me at 1 BC. It had a cool sign letting me know i'm off to the right start. where else would we T-rexs come from but "the best place on earth" i mean come on!!!

i'll keep you updated as usual...



hey there people of the innerweb,

i know i haven't talk to you for a little while, but i don't have much to say at moment.

all i've had to do is think alot about stuff, and with a brain the size of a peanut that takes a little while.

i really need to think of a place where i'll belong. a place that needs a dinosaur. one that isn't too full of them already...

at the same time i want to get in touch with my dinosaur roots so that once i'm there i'll fit in with the other dinosaurs i meet.

i'll keep you posted innerweb peoples i promise. just once i figure it out


in the black... but no beauty

i have bad news people of the web wide world...

my quest to find a fellow tyrannosaur may have met with mortal defeat... i wish it were a more complicated or involved story...

so i was looking for exposed tyrannosaur bone along the oldman river...

when instead i found a very obvious fossil excavation... someone had beat me to a trex!!!

looking it up on the innerweb i found not only was i here too late... 20ish years too late... but that i was scooped by my own former people... the tyrrell museum!!!

the tyrannosaur they found here was my mom's best friend black beauty!

so much for that plan...

why didn't i think of this getting in touch of my roots stuff when i was in drumheller. i guess it's easy to take stuff forgranted till you've lost it.

well people of the web wide world i'm off to the car to figure out what to do next...


new palaeo find!

wow i love the innerweb!

i just found out about huge new fossil find without having to talk to anyone!

even cooler they are critters i really like! marine reptiles. the dudes who roamed the sea during the time of the dinos. we had some in a special tank at the tyrrell where i'd pop in all the time and check them out... i love water critters!


on the right track... or maybe left

well i'm back to the hunt for another tyrannosaur, who can then tell me about my heritage...

today i may have made some progress... i have found the oldman river which is an important step. as the tyrannosaurs of the crowsnesting pass have all thus far been found along it... meaning if i stick to looking around here then i'm bound to hit dinosaur pay dirt!

my first discovery thus far has been a bridge... a big cool one... i think trains go over it, as i had to leave my car in the parking lot and walk into a forest to get to it... under that bridge though flows the river, and by the river hopefully i shall soon find a fellow t-rex!

in the meantime i have some pretty cool scenery to check out. as there are lots of very pretty waterfalls (kinda like fountains... i LOVE fountains!!!) all over the place... and if i'm anything like my race hopefully the other rexs will think their just as neat, and hangout by one

so the search goes on...


a HUGE mystery: the crowsnest triangle

just when i thought things couldn't get any weirder people of the innerweb... i may have stumbled across the biggest unsolved mystery since bigfeet...

now to start off with i'm a big pairanormal expert. i've read all kinds of books on UFOs, bigfeet, the lock NES monster, and americans. so when i say i've found something bizarre i know the level of weirdness i am comparing too...

i wandered into this tale of mystery quite by accident...

resuming my search for a t-rex after franks slide, i was driving along the highway in the crows nesting pass when i spotted a giant cement crow on the side of the road. i was all like "no way! too cool! i gotta pull over"... so i did, unfortuently it was on the other side of road, and i kinda drove through opposing traffic... don't try this at home kids (unless your like me and love that car chase from the matrix! man this was just like it!!!)... anyways miraculously no one was hurt. though i think a few cars were unsalvagable...

the POINT IS that i eventually got to these giant crows... after having to deal with a swarm of angry travellers, a bunch of police officers, and a vaccum cleaner salesman for some reason...

now the crows were very cool, and by themselves won't raise my suspicions. i'm a big fan of my advanced relatives the birds, and crows are among the most closely related to us dinos.

that and i'm very used to cement homages to cool things. drumheller is full of cementosaurus (among the key jerks at over populating the area, and get SOME of us kicked out!). so i was quite pleased to see an avian version here in the crows nested pass...

however it was when i turned around to see a wooden teepee that i became slight unnerved...

as you probably guessed they used teepees in drumheller. at badlands science camp no less one of the few things i got to do once and awhile at the museuem...

cementosaurs (of an evolved nature granted) and teepees you're saying are probably coincidence...

then i turn around to the last of the 3 corners of this little highway stop off to see a mini church...

drumheller is supposed to have the world's smallest church!!! yet here in the pass i stand before an IDENTICAL building!!!

now you can see my concern. cementosaurs, teepees, and little churches... this place is trying to a new sinister copy of drumheller... the area even used to have coal mines! something weird is happening here, and i'm going to find out what it is

watch the skis, and trust nobodies (cause they could be zombies playing dead!) people of the web wide world...

i traumador the tyrannosaur intend to solve this mystery of the crowsnest triangle the next time i am around drumheller... the answer must be out there. in the badlands... hopefully at the museum...


an unfun slide

well my exploration begins!

sadly i haven't found any tyrannosaurs yet though... even more sad is the place i found today

exploring the crows nesting pass i quickly discovered that even though there are a lot of small towns in here, their all part of the same community. kinda the same way drumheller used to be... i miss drum

anyways exploring around this town called frank i came across this big
commemoration marker. it was for something called the frank's slide. looking around i was confused as i couldn't see a playground anywhere... but i LOVE slides, well okay not as much as swings, but slides are pretty fun too!

following the sidewalk instead of a playground i came across an interpretive building and a big patio. the patio had a really nice view of the big mountain above frank called turtle mountain... i gotta see if i can find some turtles later in my t-rex search...

anyways the interpretive building was closed as i got there too late. the patio on the other hand had some nice big signs to check out.

so the slide wasn't part of a playground. it was even a real slide!!! it was a rock slide... which sounds like fun, but it isn't! it buried a coal mine, and killed a bunch of people...

they had a telescope on the patio which you could use to look up at the mountain. trying to use it though i couldn't see anything. not fair! they always work in the submarine movies!

a nice lady walking her dog noticed my distress, and told me i was using the telescope wrong. man who knew the different ends did different things!?! i wasted a good $5 for someone to see me really close up...

now with my telescope pointed the right way i couldn't see any of the rock's sliding. probably a good thing. cause according to the signs they can do a lot of damage.

hmmmm coal mining. that's what the signs say was the reason people moved here for... just like drumheller and all the towns around it... that's kinda cool coincidenc

unlike drum though this place's mine had a HUGE accident. i'm really sad standing here in the shadow of the turtle's mountain... hopefully i will find something more less depressing tomorrow once i resume my search... till then i shall pay my respects to the victim's of this not fun slide...


back to my roots!

alright people of the innerweb i've made up my mind!

i can get back to my roots, and wait for a job as a mountain police! i've left the nice lady at their office my EEY maily address so they can contact me as i head out to reconnect with where i came from...

now i know that tyrannosaurs have been found in the crows nesting pass. so i've come here to see if i can find one of my own so they can tell me more about my rich heritage as a t-rex

it's a big place so hopefully they hangout around the sign...