my cousin of week #20

a new zealand red billed seagull, or Chroicocephalus scopulinus in latin, and in maori tarapunga or akiaki.


Guest Walcott Quarry

prehistoric insanity has teamed up with eTrilobite to present a fully 3D fill-in strip of the ever awesome burgess shale themed comic Walcott's Quarry. be sure to check it out!


fossil of the weekend! #43

a fossil skull of hypacrosaurus in the prepared collections of the royal tyrrell museum


my cousin of the week #19

an australasian harrier, aka Circus approximans, or in maori kāhu. despite being a very common and often seen bird in new zealand, this bird of prey is incredibly shy, and has a talent for avoiding picture distance. this is the ONLY picture i have ever managed to snap of this elusive hawk. a proper drive by it was too, you'll notice the motion blur of everything else as we drove past this guy.



my cousin of the week #18

a new zealand yellow eyed penguin, or Megadyptes antipodes to sciency folks, and/or a hoiho to the maori.


fossil of the weekend! #41

a cast skull of pachycephalosaurus kept in the collections of the royal tyrrell museum.


i'm mentioned in a magazine!

the guy's over at Prehistoric Insanity were recently interviewed about everything to do with ART Evolved by the geology themed EARTH magazine. in the course of the article i (among many other coll bloggers) get a mention. this is monumental, as it is the first time the tyrannosaur chronicles has ever been mentioned in print!!!

EARTH magazine has been nice enough to put the story up on their website (as the featured story no less!) so you can now check out the article online...


fossil of the weekend! #40

a fossil salamander from china, that i can't remember the identity of (darn my peanut sized brain!)... any palaeo experts out there who have a suspicion as to its ID could you please let me know...



my cousin of the week #17

a new zealand bell bird or Anthornis melanura. it also known by its maori name Korimako.